Sunday, February 21, 2016

L-O-V-E Let Our Voices Encourage

Day 19 in this Month of Love: L-O-V-E Let Our Voices Encourage
I love encouraging women about their place in God’s great scheme of things. The Bible speaks of older women training the younger women – and that’s not only in age but in spirit. I’m here, Girls, to show you – you do survive!!! How’s that for encouragement to your world today? I’m a Mama that went through juggling activities, working a full time job, handling childhood illnesses, falls, breaks, hearts broken, hearts mended, car accidents, helping with homework, school sports, school activities, being a chauffeur, a caregiver, being a best friend and being a Mom.
I applaud the Christian women of today who are so deliberate with your intentions of ensuring that your kids have a firm foundation of faith, family values, and strong character. It speaks volumes about the love you have for them, as well as how much you are cultivating their gifts and talents. I promise you it is worth every effort, large and small, that you invest into their lives – from the quick prayer as they rush out the door, to the encouraging word that says “You are a champion!”, to the daunting task of being at ALL their school activities, sports events and drama productions, etc. etc. etc. Each and every effort has merit. Maybe it’s not a quick process, but you’ll start to see them bloom into the Godly, loving, caring and giving individuals you hoped they’d become as you model the love of Christ to them.
In this Month of Love, I just wanted to love on you a little and let you know how absolutely amazing you are. You are the launch pad for those “rockets”; you are the rudder of the ship that keeps them on course, and the guiding light that makes their pathway bright. And, the same is true for those who God calls to "mother" those who need encouragement, support and cheerleading. We are called to be encouragers.....PERIOD. 1 Thess 5:7 "Encourage one another and build up each other."