Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Purer the Vessel, the Greater the Flow

Think about those who must have Coronary Artery Bypass surgery because one or more blocked coronary arteries are preventing normal blood flow. Then on a less physical note, consider a kitchen sink pipe that becomes clogged because of an abundance of grease or other substances. But, most important are our vessels (our spirits) that become filled with kunk and junk that prevents a free flow of God's joy, peace, love and all the other Fruit of the Spirit from flowing in our lives.

We all desire God's ultimate "stamp of approval" on our lives. There are times when it's easy, and even seemingly harmless, to make little compromises in doing the RIGHT thing. You know... when we lose our patience with the cashier who is taking FOREVER to check out customers because she talks so much or when we falter in our ability to love those who are so unlovely to us, or watching "dark" and "immoral" movies or TV shows, or gossiping or telling little white lies. It's the little things, that over time, that cause our consciences to become seared, and what was once a clean, pure vessel, now starts getting clogged and that free flow of God's blessings with a joy-filled, peace-filled life, and God's "stamp of approval" seem to be held back.

Again, this is that "tweaking" and "course correction" time, when we realize the LITTLE THINGS do matter. Don't we want the flow out of us to others to be abundant in encouragement, comfort, joy and love? And, don't we want God's flow back to us to be the same?

It just makes sense to get out God's roto-rooter to clean-out and purify our vessels -- our pipelines -- because, "The purer the vessel -- the greater the flow!" Oh how I desire that flow -- freely flowing -- in and out of my life! How about you?