Monday, March 28, 2016

They're Everywhere!

I went to see "Risen" on Good Friday. I highly recommend it. I enjoy seeing faith-based films and anything related to Jesus up on the big screen. It inspires me to visually see what I know from the Bible and I think it's great for others to have that kind of exposure to the Gospel. Getting that "Good News" message out, however, is key!

Bottom line, I believe there is nothing that can replace God's Word. Yet, I can enjoy a movie and how a director and producer team up to interpret what they know, and depict how they feel will make a good movie. I can distinguish the truth through the filter of God’s Word. Movies should be seen first as entertainment, and whether or not every detail in a movie is Biblically accurate, we can be inspired by a piece of artwork like this, just like we can a song or a painting or statute.

In this film, it was so thrilling to have a visual of what it must have been like after Jesus came back to life -- especially in the mindset of a non-believer (Clavius, a Roman soldier). The producers of the film took their artistic liberties in giving us some things to think about, particularly from the point of view of Clavius.

Here's one of my favorite lines in the whole movie, and it still resonates big in me. Bartholomew (one of the disciples) was a joy and faith-filled, disciple -- especially having seen the risen Christ. He had been found and was being interrogated by Clavius, with the intention of Bartholomew leading him to where the disciples were hiding out. Clavius said, "I'll kill you now if you don't tell me where His disciples are. Tell me now!" Bartholomew broke into the biggest smile ever as he joyfully answered, “THEY'RE EVERYWHERE!"

I loved that....and, yes, WE ARE EVERYWHERE and, like the disciples who went on to change their world, I have recounted Bartholomew's words countless times to others since I saw the movie. That's you and me. Now, we continue to manifest the words of Christ to "Go into all the world and preach the good news!" And if we're EVERYWHERE, then what are we doing to change our world? The more we realize the responsibility and mandate of our Lord, to be His devoted followers -- living out His ministry in words, actions and deeds, the more His message of love will be perpetuated. Isn't that what our world needs so abundantly?

Though the masses have continued to try to stamp out His message, it will continue to live on. It's unstoppable. Shouldn't we be living that mission with all our hearts? We're in quite an elite army. Our Captain is unfailing and relentless and we know HE WINS! When it's so easy to get wrapped up in matters that are so trivial.....instead, shouldn't we be the lights that carry His message on to CHANGE OUR WORLD and literally, BE our schools, politics, workplaces, government offices, churches, marketplaces, homes....yes, EVERYWHERE!
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