Saturday, April 2, 2016

Do You Have SPRING in Your Steps?

Did you ever hear that phrase? It means that we're walking with a bit of a bounce in our steps, implying that we're in a good mood or something good has just happened to us. Think of a coiled piece of metal that pushes back when it’s pressed upon, like the springs in our mattress or the springs on a trampoline. Ever been weighted down with a heavy situation, and suddenly good news came, and you felt light as a feather. You were pressed down and weighted down, then suddenly you had SPRING IN YOUR STEPS!

This time of year helps with adding Spring to our steps and we get a fresh new perspective on life. On Thursday, I had 14 of the most amazing “single” women (single, divorced, widows) over for a Spring Dinner Party. I had a great time preparing for it to make it a special night for these women who are so gracious in volunteering, being so joyful and full of life in our community. One of the games we played was “Who Am I?” I had asked them to email me the answers to these questions: 1) What do you love about Spring? 2) What is your favorite flower and why? 3) Tell us something we don’t know about you. It was such a great way to get to know each other better as I read off the answers from each lady, and they tried to guess who that person was. They had trouble with my response to “Tell us something we don’t know about you”, and I answered “Something you don’t know about me is I helped deliver a baby calf that got stuck. I vaccinated baby calves, put plugs in Mama cows utters because they were stuck, and castrated the bulls.” LOL! I'll bet you didn't know that about me either, did you?
I loved the answers the women gave about what they love about Spring: "It marks a new beginning; I love to see the flowers blooming; I love that it brings Easter and celebration that Christ lives; I love getting to wear flip flops and lighter clothes; All of nature is renewed and it reminds me all the more of God's great love; It smells so good and the birds are so happy; Daylight savings time; Everything starts to come alive; Our world gets filled with color." Now, isn't all that reason enough to have SPRING in our steps?

Spring in our steps brings a breath of fresh air to those we meet and come in contact with. We have the reasons for joy and life and it should exude from us. We should be like a ray of sunshine because we have good news of a great and mighty God to share. We have some wonderful things in our lives that make us different and because of it, we should have that extra bounce to our walk. Like the birds that come singing in the Spring, we should be singing songs of praise and thanksgiving with a "Spring in our Step" everyday! With each step, we should have a smile on our face and love in hearts! After all, WE KNOW the CREATOR of Springtime. He is our Maker and He made us with "built-in" springs that can cause us to always rebound with God’s peace, joy and love each and every day!