Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy, Happy Nan

Yesterday, Braden Wuerch, my 23-year old, first born grandson, flew into Austin to spend some time here with us. Happy, happy Nana! . Floods of memories, and lots of catching up on his amazing life. Words like this touched my heart so much: "I saved a woman's life yesterday. She was in respiratory arrest and I was the Lead Paramedic Team Member that got her back."

Braden was the first one who taught us the absolute thrill of being a grandparent. There are so many joys that just can't be adequately explained in words. No one "gets it" until they become one. I remember thinking how silly those grandparents were with all their bragging, telling stories, and showing off their MANY photos. Then I became one of those -- and I "got it"! Our grandchildren just multiply the joys that our children bring us.

So, of course, I'm oohing and aahing because I was going home last Sunday, but staying on a while longer meant I could help more with unpacking and organizing at the Wuerch's new home. AND the bonus was I would be here when Braden got here yesterday.

How sweet the time was last night when we all went to the famous Salt Lick Barbeque together. I'm a BBQ connoisseur, and a truly believe this was the best BBQ I've ever eaten -- family style, all you can eat. Was it really that good, or was I so in 7th heaven because of this joyous family time together? I pray for times like this. Really I do.

I pray strategically and deliberately for each of my grandchildren. I name all six of them (and Ruth, Braden's fiance) in my prayers. As their grandparent, I can have a major role in stabilizing and influencing their lives by praying for them during these years of decision-making, establishing their own lives and future, and overall -- just "growing up" and becoming mighty men and women of God.

The seeds of prayer we plant today will yield a harvest of blessing in the future. In Isaiah 44:3 God told the Israelites, “I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring and my blessing on your descendants.” God STILL promises to pour out his Spirit and blessings on our descendants. And, He still places a "crown" on our head and adds another jewel to it.....each time He blesses us with yet another grandchild. (Proverbs 17:6).

The greatest long-lasting gift we can give our grandchildren is the gift of our time and prayers. The rewards are limitless.