Friday, May 13, 2016

Becoming a Servant Leader

I read these words in my devotion: "One of the best ways to find Jesus is to look for opportunities to serve. Look for situations where you can offer a helping hand. Look for Him in the eyes of the people around you. Listen for Him in their voices. Try to sense His love and His glory right there in that moment." Serving. Jesus led by example as a Servant Leader. He could always be found in the midst of people -- feeding, teaching, healing them and washing their feet.
Last week, my grandson, Payton Wallace and I were sharing with someone about how he volunteers at his church. He is on the stage crew, the technical team, the music team, and the clean-up team. He does that by choice. The man we were talking to, asked Payton more about his volunteering, and Payton quickly corrected him by saying "Not volunteering, servant leading." When I read that devotion yesterday, I knew it was talking about Servant Leadership.
I delved a little deeper and read how Payton's church,explains Servant Leadership.
"We use the term Servant Leader, instead of volunteer, because we believe that God has called us all to be leaders. We are called to be Servant Leaders in His Kingdom; to be empowered to serve greatly, so that we can lead greatly. It is about taking a step back, so others can take a step forward. Servant Leadership begins with discovering your 1% (picking a team where you can bring your unique greatness), then developing (continuing to serve, learn and grow in your area) and eventually deploying (leadership, teaching others, witnessing and being a part of transformation) your greatness for the Kingdom of God."
Just imagine how our world could be changed with the mentality of being Servant Leaders -- in our homes, our workplaces, our churches, AND our political arenas. Oswald Sanders, in his book, "Spiritual Leadership", claims that "true greatness, true leadership, is found in giving yourself in service to others, not in coaxing or inducing others to serve you."
In our consumer-centered, self-promoting culture, selfless humility makes a lasting impression. Jesus "came not to be served, but to serve" (Matthew 20:28). Now He invites us to follow his example.