Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Breaking Out of the Box

We've all heard the saying "Think OUTSIDE the Box" which means think more creatively. But I heard my grandkids' youth pastor speak about "Getting Out of the Box" completely on Sunday night. I was able to attend the youth service at their church in Frisco, TX on Sunday night. Over 200 "praising and worshipping" kids attended that meeting.

Way beyond the years of those young people, the youth pastor's message struck a chord with even me. He had four boxes on the stage and asked one of the young men to get inside one. It was an effort for him to scrunch inside that box. In essence, he was living inside that VERY uncomfortable box. It was a great analogy of too many of us that have settled for "box" living.

We’ve accepted the status quo, we’ve accepted other people’s negative opinion of us, we’ve accepted “this is who I will always be”. He gave himself as an example. He was a broken little boy. His family's circumstances kept him in the box. He had a learning disability as a child that kept him in the box. When other kids could read several chapters of a book, it took him an hour to read just one page.

The good news is he refused the labels, he persevered and pushed through every obstacle and everything that kept him from turning his life around. He was the first one in his family to finish high school. He GOT OUT OF THE BOX in his attitude AND his aptitude. He eventually became a devoted follower of Christ and then a member of the Strike Force Team, a group of men who go into schools and organizations, performing feats of strength that opens the door for them to give messages of anti-bullying and bullying prevention, teamwork, drug prevention and character development. Just look at what "getting out of the box" did for him.

He passionately spoke to those kids on Sunday night, ”Not one of you is here on this earth, as an accident. God made you and formed you. When people try to put you in this category, break out of it. Christ rules in your life. You are detined for greatness. He told those kids to “break out of the box” that keeps you from being all God destined you to be. Tonight, there are those of you who will say, "I'm done with living inside this box and I'm going ALL-OUT to get out. I'm going to wake up and give it my all. God, I'm in it to WIN IT. I'm not giving up or giving in. I'm breaking out of the box!" And on stage, the young man in the box, literally broke out of the box. You could sure sense he was thrilled for his new-found freedom!

Whatever age you are today, you may feel trapped, misunderstood, broken, defeated, and stuck in a box, but you're ready to not only think outside the box, but break through and LIVE outside the box. Keep this in mind: You are always connected to the ever-present wellspring of creativity, power and wisdom, and it's God, Himself. His expertise lives BIG in you if you know Him intimately. Go ahead, call on Him and He'll help you break OUT OF THE BOX.