Sunday, May 22, 2016

For Such a Time As This

Though I'm "out there" when it comes to social media, I'm quite reserved when it comes to my political voice. I have my own opinions but I rarely voice them publicly. That could be seen as a wimpy way out of controversy, or it may mean that I choose to live "above the fray" by recalling my Mama's favorite quote "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all!" Aligning myself with particular political figures has been a private matter for me -- especially here on FB. I am a professing Christian, so my primary voting guide is the Bible. I do my best not to be driven by the media, politics, personalities, social issues or other perspectives, but I carefully weigh out the "heart of the matter". I weigh out their stances, but I don't know the true hearts of candidates, so when the time comes to vote, I trust that my tightness with God and His Word that says "My sheep know my voice", that I'll hear THAT voice and vote according to what I hear.

So, all that to say I've never "campaigned" for a candidate in a political race because I've never known anyone, that without a shadow of a doubt, was so completely dedicated and committed as a "servant of the people", and was also an individual of integrity, honesty and love for God like Nancy Rothman! Nancy is a trusted friend, confidant and truly compelled to serve God as she serves His people. That's why I've volunteered to be on her Rothman for Tulsa County Clerk campaign team. From my heart, I know it's time to elect the people WE KNOW represent us with Godly principles. Nancy has been serving in the Tulsa County Clerk's office as Chief Deputy County Clerk for the last 3-1/2 years. She knows the position inside and out. She has the experience and dedication to get the job done.

While Nancy and I were having some "campaign discussions" today, a Pastor from our community, that just happened to be there at the same time, told us that he, himself, was joining politics by taking a board position. Why? His comments were "For too long our voices have only been heard in church, and we've kept them there. Isn't it time that we take on positions where we can be the LIGHT that God calls us to?" Matthew 5:14 says "You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden." We are that light and we shouldn't hide our light. If we want change, shouldn't we step up and BE THE CHANGE?

We loved that our 2015 Miss Oklahoma, Georgia Frazier, was there in all her beauty and poise, and wearing her crown! Just so happens my sweet daughter-in-love is a former Miss Oklahoma and Miss America, so it was especially dear to me. Seeing that crown, I think of Nancy Rothman as a Queen Esther and Mordicai, her uncle saying to her "You have been called to this kingdom, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!" Maybe, WE ALL have been placed on this earth, at this time and this place, to impact our world FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.