Sunday, May 1, 2016

Remembering to Write It Down

It's just too busy in this world for us to just rely on our noggin to remember it all. And to add to it, the older we get the tendency is to forget even more.....especially some really important things.....things that matter, like a birthday of a close friend, picking up a child at school, a doctor's appointment, that very important phone call or THE GROCERY LIST and having to go back to the grocery store because we forgot that MOST important item! I know that not remembering is a condition that is also the product of too much busy-ness and too much mind-overload. I understand the value of writing down my experiences. I've kept a journal for years, but now I go a step further, I carry a notepad with me all the time.

I jot down those things I think about that I need to get or to do...eventually. I even keep a notepad by my bed at night – just in case I think about something in the middle of the night that could keep me awake if I didn't write it down. I also use my cell phone to keep my calendar -- yes, this girl has a busy schedule.

Even if I wasn't a writer and blogger, I would want to be constantly prepared for that inspiration that comes just at the drop-of-a-hat . I don’t want to miss those moments, because I have missed some and just thought I'd remember them, but because I didn't take the time to write it down, it left me high and dry! But I've wised up, even when I'm driving. My cell phone has a memo recorder on it, and now, I'll record a thought or an inspiration....and whoa la -- eventually I had the subject of my post, blog or teaching just waiting for me.

So carry that notebook, put a pad and paper next to the bed, and record or jot down those inspirational moments that could be part of "your story" someday. I'm always encouraging mamas and daddies to journal those cute little stories of their kids. I promise you, you'll want to recall them back to them someday. I know that neither you or I want to regret those unwritten, forgotten inspirations and joys.

Wouldn’t it be better to take a moment, write it down and then someday tell an incredible story on a talk show about how inspiration hit you on the 405 and BAM -- the greatest novel ever? Write that down, because when that day comes, REMEMBER it was ME that told you.....and I'll say, "You're wecome!"