Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Need ANCHOR Stores AND We Need an ANCHOR.

I had to get a new tire yesterday because the old one was "injured", per the sales guy at the tire store. Seems a nail was in an unrepairable spot. (One of the hazards of living in a new community where lots of construction is going on.) So as I sat in the waiting room, I started thinking about how thankful I am to have the "anchor" of living this close to services, stores, restaurants, medical facilties -- all within not even 5 minutes from my home.

Just north of my Hyde Park at Tulsa Hills community, is Tulsa Hills Shopping Center and The Walk at Tulsa Hills, both of which are complete with amazing "anchor" stores, like Lowe's, Sam's Club, Best Buy, PetSmart, Staples, Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, Ashley Home Furniture -- the big named ones. Maybe "anchor" store is a new name for you. When developers are master-planning a shopping area, it's a MUST that those big brand named stores are prominently located so that customers are attracted to them which also causes them to patronize all the other stores and shops in the mall.

I'm quite self-contained when it comes to being able to take care of my daily needs. I can dress myself, cook and feed myself, wash my own clothes, drive to where I need to go, handle everyday surprises that come up, but when I can't do for myself what needs to be done, like that tire, I take it to the place that can do it for me. I am so grateful I live in such close proximity to all those stores that pretty well carry everything I need to take care of my necessities.

And, when I come to the end of my rope or when I need a place of comfort from the storms of life or when I need assurance that "everything's gonna' be alright" in my little world.....I have THE ANCHOR -- not the store -- but I go to the ONE Who is the ANCHOR of my soul. God is that HOPE ANCHOR. Hebrews 6:19 " We have this HOPE as an ANCHOR for the soul, firm and secure."

His anchor is THE ANCHOR STORE.....that draws us to Him for those absolute necessities of life, like peace, joy, comfort, refuge, balance, security, wisdom and all those other "necessities" that cause us to be strong-footed and tethered to THE ROCK that keeps us unwavering in our hope and faith.

What or WHO is your ANCHOR? Mine holds me tight when the winds are blowing and the waves are coming. His ANCHOR holds.