Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What Do You Aspire To?

How sweet it was to watch my granddaughter, Lexi, and her friend, Emma, reconnect last week after having been apart for several years. They knew each other from Seattle and then their families moved away -- Emma's family moved to Austin and Lexi's to Frisco. I loved listening and watching them do what girls do....nails, hair and cooking.

Thirteen years old Emma inspired my post for today. Emma loves to dance so much that she has two-hour classes five days a week and three hours on Saturdays.

When we asked Emma what she aspires to do with her dancing (ballet), without hesitation, she said "To be Clara in The Nutcracker". Sounds like a lofty goal for someone just hoping and wishing and dreaming, but not for Emma. She is putting the hard work, diligence, determination and commitment in for her dreams and aspirations to be fulfilled. Emma's Mom is her greatest cheerleader because she takes her to Ballet Austin (in downtown Austin and if you know anything about Austin traffic -- that's quite a commitment). She is cultivating, embracing, and nurturing the giftings of her girl. She knows it is worth every effort, every investment of resources and time to help her girl become all God has destined her to be.

Emma inspired me so much that I knew her example would be my post for today. How many of us want to be great cooks, outstanding speakers or musicians, strong athletes and would like to be healthy, toned and lean? Quite often the "want to" doesn't measure up to the drive and determination to BECOME the best we can be -- in whatever or whoever we desire to become.

I heard it said about those who are frustrated at God because their dreams, prayers, and "wants" haven't come true: "You think you're waiting on God, but God is waiting on YOU to get prepared." Getting that promotion, the speaking engagement, or any other desire or dream we may have, rests in our hearts, minds and good old hard work and tenacity. Emma will no doubt achieve her dreams to be "Clara". She's doing what it takes to win. Will our passion drive us to where we want to go, too?

Philippians 3:14 "I press toward the goal to win the prize."