Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eliminate "I Am Just A....." From Our Vocabulary

I asked a young woman what she did for a living and she responded “Oh, I’m just a stay-at-home Mom.” I quickly corrected her. I said, “You are NOT “just a” anything. You are so blessed to be able to be in a position of the highest honor and status. You are the royal queen of your household, and your subjects are indeed so fortunate to live in your kingdom. The truth is I have yet to meet a mother who is “just a mother.” The mothers I know are teachers, confidantes, entrepreneurs, designers, chauffeurs, administrative geniuses, counselors, domestic engineers and so many other titles. The mothers I know are brilliant, strong, gifted, artistic, wisdom-filled, optimistic, forward-thinking, and can-do-anything women.

And here’s some additional truth….no matter what our title, our role, or what our job description says, there is no such thing as “just a yard man, or just a store cashier or just a volunteer or just a anything. As a matter of fact, I think “I am just a…..” is a phrase we need to eliminate from our vocabulary.

As part of God’s family, there is no such thing as “just a.” Let’s look at some of our ancestors:
~ David could have said he was “just a boy.” But he didn’t. He grabbed five smooth stones and slayed a giant.
~ Paul could have said he was “just a tentmaker.” But he didn’t. He carried the gospel into the world, spreading it like wildfire.
~ Mary could have said she was “just a teenage girl” from the wrong side of the tracks. But she didn’t. Nine months later, she gave birth to our Savior.

God could have said He was “just a creator”. But He didn’t. He could have carelessly thrown the stars into place and tossed the world into space, but He didn’t. Our God created, designed and purposefully placed you and I here on this earth, at this time for purposes beyond what our eyes can see or our minds can conceive.

God had such detailed plans for our existence that He gave us His best GIFT, His Son, and with His Son, He gave us everything we need to be people of the highest status. We are royalty and “our kind” raise our heads up, put our shoulders back and stand tall. We are blood-bought Children of Almighty God, and I suggest that’s way more than a “just a”!