Monday, June 20, 2016

Flannel Board Jesus or 3-D Jesus.....He's Still the Same!

Today, it’s a 3-D, 4-D, sound, lighting, visual and special effects world. Back in “my day”, the big deal in my Sunday School classes were the “no” tech flannel-board characters. Walking into Sunday School and seeing the flannel board all set up, meant it was going to be a great morning. Jesus was always smiling and we could take Him down, and slap Him back up on the flannel board again and again. We’ve come a long way since then. And as “low or no” tech as those days were, it was as awesome to us to live in that era as the high tech devices and high tech way of doing things are to kids today. Studying about Noah and the flood, Moses and the Red Sea, David slaying the giant, and those rag tag fishermen who became disciples were a huge part of my history. I'm so grateful because all those stories are indelibly printed in my head.

The way we do things today, are very different from how they were done 50 years ago and that’s okay, it’s as it should be. This generation needs relevance. With kids spending hours upon hours each day watching TV or using social media, we must find ways to hold their attention in the very short time we spend with them.

Jesust started this all. He taught the people using parables, creative stories rich with imagery, to help people understand and remember His message. He knew what they needed to hear, and used creative means to convey the message. Have you read those stories? The woman who lost a coin, the mustard seed, the birds in the sky, the rich man, the pearl and so many more.

While people have been teaching about Jesus using creativity for thousands of years in all sorts of different ways, it's thrilling to know that the method may change, but the message is still the same.

It doesn’t matter if we’re using little felt people or a high tech, 3-D rap video about Jesus, as long as kids AND adults are getting the point that God loves them; that He sent His one and only Son to die for them – we’re doing our job. In years to come, we will all be talking about how we heard about Jesus. So, hang onto your seat belt, the next wave just may be a holographic Jesus teaching about His unconditional love.

Flannel boards or hi tech world…..Jesus remains the same – yesterday, today and forever. I learned about Him as a kid. I taught my kids about Him and my kids are teaching their kids about Him. That’s a constant, never-changing message to continue sharing and one that I’m willing to stake my life upon! How about you?