Wednesday, June 8, 2016

GONE Fishing!

Another gift Payton received for his birthday was "going fishing". He got to bring a friend with him this time. Before, it was Papa and I taking him and Lexi fishing to our favorite fishing spot, Marvel Camp in Gore, OK. And that's where we came yesterday. Larry and the boys are in one of these great cabins on the Illinois River and Staci, Lexi and I are in the cabin next door.

There are no adequate words to describe what this place means to me. My husband, Ron and I, loved bringing the two older grandkids here each summer. They called it the "Red Neck Yacht Club". They made up that term the first time they saw folks with their lawn chairs, right in the middle of the! What hilarious and fun adventures we had -- sitting by the campfire, kayaking, and FISHING. And then, it was Payton and Lexi's turn. The memories made here have lasted a long time, but the sweetest memories are those we want to re-live. That's what we're doing this weekend.

We have always been a family that loves to fish -- each and every one of us -- some more -- some less. We come from a long line of fishermen. My sweet husband led the way for me when we were first married. We would drive from Dallas to Lake Lavon when we'd get off work or go on the weekends to fish. We'd put on our hip waders and walk in below the dam and fish for bass. I would be lined up right beside all the guys. Someone would get a strike and yell "FISH ON!", and the rest of us would reel in our lines so as not to get tangled up in his line with the fish coming in! That started my love of fishing. And, that love has been passed down now to our children and grandchildren. Fortunately, my two youngest boys live right on a creek where they're hauling fish in, almost daily.

Payton, our 3rd-born grandson, because they lived in the same city as us, had more time to spend with Papa and his love of fishing. That was another reason for the tight bond he and Papa had.

There’s something to be said for getting away from it all to get back to God’s creation and “chill”. Chillin’ is what we’re doing. We laugh a lot, tell stories a lot, patiently put our bait on the hook, and cast – over and over again. It’s a routine that brings so many rewards: family togetherness, celebrating life, making memories that will last a lifetime, therapeutic peace and quiet, friendly competition (Who can get the biggest one?) AND the ultimate reward….catching fish for a big old fish fry! Whoo hoo!

What do you do that takes you to a place of peace, quiet, and REWARDS?