Friday, June 24, 2016

No Excuses -- Just Do It!

In Exodus we read all the excuses Moses had when God asked him to step up and deliver His people from the grip of the Egyptians. Listen to the excuses he had: I’m not good enough, I don’t have all the answers, People won’t believe me,I’m a terrible public speaker, and I’m not qualified. Thankfully, he got over his "excuses" attitude and became the man that showed remarkable courage, obedience, and strength of character. He fulfilled his mission faithfully. God works with each of us where we are and takes us to where He wants us to be. We just need to be willing to leave behind the excuses.

It's no secret that I'm a reality show junkie. I particularly enjoy the ones that display die-hard athletes who push themselves to the limits in crazy obstacle courses and apparatuses. A new show just came out called Spartan where families and friends come together as teams to compete for a big prize, but to win that big prize they must conquer obstacle courses unlike any I've ever seen. It's an adrenaline rush to watch them. But, still, my favorite show is ANW (American Ninja Warrior) especially because of the background and the insurmountable difficulties of some of the athletes who compete.

Last week's ANW featured Allison Toepperwein, a 38-year old, single mom who has Parkinson's Disease. Of all things, she started training for ANW because she learned that the ony thing that slows down Parkinson's disease is exercise. When she does ninja training, she has more energy, no tremors, gets a natural high from the dopemin that is produced. She said, "ANW was the catalyst I needed to be the very best mother and person I can be. So what if I have to take meds three times a day. Who cares that I shake a little when I wake up, get nervous or when my meds wear off? The greatest lesson I could have learned from ANW has been realizing PD is NOT a liability to me!" Whew! Watching her face those apparatuses was beyond incredible. She didn't make it through to the end, but I give this gal so much credit for being a "No excuses" kind of gal.

Then there was Artis Thompson, who had lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, and now wears a prosthetic and took on the ANW course with fierceness. The commentator said, "Those of you viewing at home, what's YOUR excuse?"

Those words went deep into my spirit as even at this "mature" age, I don't want to have excuses for not giving everything I've got to this life I've been given. I want my story to end with "She was unstoppable!" No, I'm not planning on trying out for some ninja obstacles or apparatuses, but I do plan to continue to be God's Ninja Warrior -- taking on life's obstacles, challenges and pressures with a vengeance. I refuse to give up until I'm taken up. There a hyphen in between the date of birth and the date of death on gravestones. What does that hyphen represent in our lives? I sure want mine to be "lived life to the fullest, didn't accept quitting, ran her race with gusto, pressed on to the finish line". What does your hyphen represent? With God, limits are all off! I don't think "excuse" is in His vocabulary. Why should it be in ours?