Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SHEER Fish-ness!

It's good to be back home, but our home away from home was AWESOME-ness with SHEER Fish-ness over the last several days. Hootsuite, an app to use to schedule Facebook posts, sure made me look like I was really trying to get a message across.... emphatically, as it reposted Sunday's post about 8 times (one for each photo I posted, which I had lumped together in one). Oh me!

God and I have a pact that I will do a daily post (Yes, I know, you don't give "teachings" on FB because it's for quick messaging, but I know folks may not take the time to go to my daily blog at, so I post on both places, daily.) Because we were in a no-wifi zone in the deep woods, and on the banks of the Illinois River for the last several days, I had to pre-schedule my posts at a laundromat in Gore that had wifi. Hootsuite provided my Day 2 posts over and over again with each photo I added, individually. I apologize for that!

Since I'm home, I deleted them all but one, and now have the whole album of all the fun photos posted here -- from me walking into the cabin and seeing the photos Staci brought from home of my Sweetheart to these I'm posting here of years ago when he kicked off the love of the Great Outdoors in our family and now to this trip where we gave "Big Larry" a birthday surprise celebration, the kids floating down the Illinois River, making s'mores and playing in the fire (Kids, don't do this without adult supervision!), lots and lots of fishing, and lots and lots of cleaning those fish. Larry and Staci were fish-cleaning machines and I was the chief cook and cheerleader for everyone. I said, "I haven't caught a single fish and Lexi said, "Nana, it would help if you'd put a line in the water!" LOL! I just loved getting caught up in all their successes.

Technology may often disappoint, but God sure doesn't! I loved taking photos with "memories to treasure" in mind, and postings in mind to archive. This photo album is some sweet photos of yester-years with our big boys and Staci's two, and these last few days. You can see we're a "fishing family" both when it comes to fishing for fish AND fishing for men and women to know God, His amazing WORD and all that He has created for each of us. It just doesn't get better than that on this side of heaven, and oh what a time it will be once we cross over to the other side!