Sunday, July 17, 2016

Life is Like Candy Land! It's a Sweet Spot or a Sticky Swamp!

Everyone that will read my post today will, no doubt, remember playing, at least one time or another, the "sweet" game of Candy Land. It still ranks as one of the most popular children's games in the U.S. I've played it with my kids and grandkids -- many times. The goal of the game is to make it to the end of a winding route and reach King Kandy -- but the path is very unpredictable. You pick a card and it might indicate that you can jump way ahead or you may have to go way back to the beginning. Or you might get stuck in Molasses Swamp, where you have to stay until the right cards turn up. The randomness of the cards adds to the adventure. You can be almost to the end of the adventure, but you still have to draw just the right card to reach your destination.

Though the game is truly a "game of luck", it plays very close to the real unpredicatability of our lives. One moment we might be in a state of incredible joy, but give it a couple of days, and we might face incredible disappointment. Neverthless, the reward of reaching King Kandy makes the adventure worthwhile. In this post, I'm referring to King Kandy aka Father God. No, He is not a Candy Store where we can always expect sweet delacacies, but we can trust that even in the tough times, He is directing our steps. Proverbs 16:9 "A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps."

I know those adventures. And, I know my faith tells me that my Lord walks the journey with me. He never promised a clear, unobstructed road, but He did promise to be with me -- even to the end of the world (Matthew 28:20). Having Him with me, gives me joy, peace, and contentment, whether the adventures lead me to sweet treats or to yucky swamps.

God's Word (scriptures) illuminates my pathways. "His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathway." Psalm 119:105. His LIGHT keeps me from going off-course. As long as I keep my focus on Him, He keeps me in peace.

So, today, if you find yourself depressed, sad, afraid, doubting because you're hanging out in places of darkness -- I lovingly encourage you to move toward THE LIGHT. Let God fill your heart and home with His light. Let Him eliminate the sources of darkness. I promise you…’ll find the SWEET SPOT. Then you'll live in Candy Land's home SWEET home everyday!
— feeling peaceful.