Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Selah! Pause, Praise.....and Rest a While

I heard a beautiful message last weekend on the importance of pausing to rest. The Hebrew word, selah, is used often in the Book of Psalm, and is defined as a pause at the end of a verse or in a musical arrangement, to pause between measures. The singer or instrumentalist sustains (or holds) the note until the leader continues.

And, it's time for us to "pause". It's time for us to rest. While listening to this message, I wrote a little "love note" to my daughter. It said, "It's time to rest!" Staci Wallace is a woman who has a "no quit" attitude. From sun-up to sun-down, she is all about not only doing the most and best she can for her family, but is relentless in helping other families as well. I'm so thrilled those words from her Mama went straight to her heart. I was bringing Lexi home with me anyway, but I loved it when she said, "I'm coming too! I want to see my Granny!" Yay!

I had a several-hour-meeting to attend. I took the girls to Granny's and we surprised her. It was 3+ hours of girl time, pausing time, and resting time. So much so, that when I returned to pick them up, there was Mom and Staci "pausing, praising, and resting". That sight reminded me of the many times my sweet husband would go visit his Mom and, inevitably, he would fall asleep in her recliner. Her little home represents comfort, peace, and rest. All you can hear while in that chair, are the little wind chimes outside her back door.

Maybe it's time someone told you and I to hit the PAUSE button on our TV, our phones, our many tasks, and rest a while and to LOOK BACK -- to remember the tough times and PAUSE to see how God worked it all for our good. Right now....right in the midst of our circumstances, to PAUSE and PRAISE. Maybe a "SELAH" philosophy should become our LIFE philosophy.

Psalm 46:7 "The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress. Selah." Indeed. He is our Selah Philosophy AND our LIFE Philosophy -- we find our soul's rest and comfort in Him.