Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stranded or Rescuer

SPOILER ALERT! At our Life Group meeting, last night, we talked about the difference in being someone who feels or is “stranded” – all alone, hopeless and they may have already determined that they wouldn’t make it through their crisis. They’ve quit on pushing on. They've given up on life. We also discussed those who are “rescuers” – those who go in to encourage, support and help rescue someone from being “stranded”.

That discussion was based on the excerpts/clips from the movie “Martian” which were brilliantly used by Pastor Craig Groeschel to make the point about the choices we make. We are either “stranded” or we are a "rescuer". That was the story of Astronaut Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) when he was left for dead during their mission to Mars. With Watney believed dead, the mission commander ordered the remaining crew to return to their orbiting vessel without him. Mark had a choice to make: he either gives up and accepts that he is going to die or to use his intellect, drive and determination to live.

Eventually, because of Mark's abilities, mental resources and determination, he was able to communicate back to earth that he was alive, and then it was up to the mission commander and her crew to return to save him. The “stranded” and the “rescuers”.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of a man slumped-in-his-chair with drink in hand. The tagline said, “Many people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75." I think that speaks to those who are “stranded”. They are stuck in mediocrity, have given up pursuing their dreams and visions, and serve no one else. They serve themselves with defeat, lack of motivation, and have essentially “died” to a life of potential and possibilities. On the other hand, there are those relentless, selfless, inspiring, and undaunted people who are the “rescuers” – not only are they their personal rescuer, but they rescue others by building them up, encouraging them, loving them through this season of their lives.

Mark Watney said, “I’m not going to die here” and he didn’t. Just maybe it’s time we get the fortitude and attitude that says “I’m not giving up….until I’m taken up! And, while I'm still here, I'll be a RESCUER!"