Saturday, July 2, 2016

Today "The Champ" Was Born -- That's My Grandson Out There

Twelve years ago today, my husband and I (aka Papa & Nana) were making our way “turbo speed” to Nashville. Our 5th grandchild was about to make his big debut and we were relentless in getting there before he did. And, complying with our hopes and desires, Brennan Keith Wuerch hung on for us to get there for the “crowning” achievement. And, that made Papa call him his “Champ” right from the get-go. He was a perfect, beautiful and precious baby boy who brought even more joy and excitement to our world. Oh, how we thanked God for this little miracle…..#5 in our string of 6 beautiful grandchildren.

This 12th year birthday is a really big deal, especially when we compare it to Jesus when He was 12. Jesus, God in human flesh, at age 12, knew He was on a mission of gigantic proportions. Age 12 was the first recorded words of Jesus, and amazingly, He knew His mission in life was to be about His Father's business.

I also believe my Brennan has a deep relationship with God and I believe he knows he is already on a mission. He exudes sensitivity, confidence, kindness and the willingness to serve. He's a great cook, cleans and serves so intentionally, and He makes a GREAT milk shake!

Lots of experiences in his 12-year journey – experiences that will continue to make him into THE CHAMP aka God's Champion. I pray that, speak that, and believe that for him and all of my grandchildren. I choose to believe that what we speak and instill in our children and grandchildren is what they will become. And Brennan is becoming all that and more. Happy 12th Birthday, precious Brennan Keith Wuerch. I love you and thank God for blessing our lives with YOU! YES, that's my Grandson OUT THERE!