Thursday, August 11, 2016

Coincidences or Divine Appointments?

You've got to love it when a young person is willing to come to a slightly "mature" person ;-) for counsel. You know, they know, the wisdom that's inside them. Very, smart and wise young person. When I received an email from a sweet friend from my church, Megan, asking if I'd look over a project she's doing for her Senior year at Bishop Kelley, I was honored and pleased. She selected the importance of inner beauty for her project. Yes, extremely, wise young lady. But, even better, what seemed to be a simple appointment to review a project, turned into a God-designed appointment. My sweet girl Shawntel Wuerch and the boys were here with me in Tulsa which was perfect timing for both of us to review Megan's project. Sweet opportunity to talk about the inner beauty that God desires from us -- that beauty that comes from within and shines so brightly in our lives. Shawntel is exemplary in both inside and outside beauty. Divine set-up.

Before Megan came to my home, her Mom sent over this photo of Shawntel and Megan ten years ago. Shawntel was the guest speaker for our Women of the Church OfThe Madalene and that night she told her Miss America story -- about her road from a little town, Muldrow, OK to Miss America, how she entered simply to earn scholarship monies to attend college. But God had bigger things in mind for her, and He does for each of us as well. Just like the road to Miss America, with its twists and turns and ups and downs, being the journey God planned for Shawntel, a simple appointment to review a project just may be the "set up" for Megan that started ten years ago when she was excited to have her photo taken with Shawntel. Yesterday, Megan was wearing a Bishop Kelley soccer shirt. Shawntel asked her if she played soccer. Indeed she does, and of all things, her coach is my nephew, Troy Tokarchik. Who knew another little "set-up" to show we're in the same family!

What if each day we started taking note of the the divine set-ups, providential circumstances and appointments that come our way that point us in the direction of our God-given destiny? Megan had a project to do. She was impressed to do it on God's definition of beauty. What if this project is the "seed" that Megan is planting for her future? What if what we are doing today are the seeds we're planting for the difference makers and world changers God destined us to be?