Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stealth Super Powers

I'm sure you've heard about the petite woman who was able to lift the car off of a child who was pinned under it. The people who have done that accomplished an almost unthinkable feat of strength.

I read this in Pscyhology Today: The human body can unleash some amazing RESERVES that deadens "temporary" pain. So in a time when stealth reserves are needed, it's possible to become super-powered.

Those life-saving people are the epitome of Super Heroes. Think about our armed forces who do the inexplainable in serving us and our country. Think about firefighters and police who have the uncanny ability to operate daily on those reserves while handling real life situations that call for spontaneous, heroic faith that is swift to action -- those situations that don’t allow for time to survey the situation or pray for hours to muster up courage. But NOTHING is impossible....especially when God is the biggest part of the equation.

You and I are just common, ordinary, Clark Kent kind-of-folks that are just hard working, doing-what-we-have-to-do to get by. Yes, we love and trust God for sweet calm in the storms of life. We would rather be stress free and care free kind-of-folks.

Oh, but wait just a minute, Mr. Postman!!! We really shouldn't settle for being the Clark Kent kind-of-folks. In the midst of the most horrific, overwhelming, challenging, faith-tested, heartbreaking times....we don't have to run and hide. We just activate our "RESERVES". And those reserves are our spiritual “Superman”, infused with God’s wisdom and power, who takes charge of the siutation. We remember THE Superman who lives in us -- God Almighty!! "Through our God we shall do valiantly. It is He who will tread down our enemies." Psalm 108:13

There just may be situations today that call for an immediate response of faith -- like a friend in pain, and we quickly offer to pray with them, or someone in despair, and we don’t hesitate to encourage them, or helping a friend in need, or taking a leap of faith in making a family decision or jumping into a new business opportunity. Let’s stealth up with the knowledge of WHO lives big in us. Let's go to the place of strength, whether it's a phone booth like Clark Kent used, or to the THRONE booth where God’s “super” powers kick in and we make the difference in our world today!!

Expect GREAT THINGS from God. Attempt GREAT THINGS from God.