Sunday, August 21, 2016

This Doctor Made My Day

Seems like there's a doctor for everything these days. Besides medical doctors, there are phone doctors, plumbing doctors, computer doctors and yesterday I met The Blind Doctor, Marvin. I know you must be thinking he must have a visual impairment, but not so. This sweet 80 something year old man is "The Blind Doctor" who repairs and restores window blinds and shades, and one of my shades needed a "house call" from the doctor.

What was to be a typical service call ended up being one of the most delightful encounters with the wittiest, kindest and quite astute blind repair guy.

My first comment was "You made my day!" His reply: "No, God did." I said, "You've got a great sense of humor." His reply: "Great humor, but not much sense!" I said "Do you have a screw and screw driver for that?" He said, "Does a duck have feathers?" Then he said, "Some folks call me a smart aleck. I say back to them, 'No, just Aleck, not so smart." Then he told me some jokes:

"A man met St. Peter when he got to heaven.
St. Peter: "What did you do to deserve getting here?"
The Man: "I defended the rights of a woman."
St. Peter: "How so?"
The Man: "Well a motorcycle gang was being rude to a lady and I told them to leave her alone or I'd have to let them have it.
St. Peter: "What happened then?"
The Man: "The leader of the gang came after me, so I ripped the ring out of his nose."
St. Peter: "When did this happen?
The Man: "Two minutes ago."

Marvin went on....."I need to tell you my Baptist joke. There was this small town that thrived for years because of their saw mill, but times got bad and the saw mill closed and people started leaving town. There were only two Protestant churches left, a Baptist Church and a Christian Church. The two pastors got together and thought they should join the two congregations together since the congregations were so small. The Baptist pastor said, "I'll preach Sunday morning this week, and you preach Sunday night. Then next week, you preach Sunday morning and I'll preach Sunday night. After those two weeks, we can see who they want to be their pastor. And so they did as they said, and at the end of the two weeks, the Christian Church pastor gave his spiel of why he should be pastor and then the Baptist pastor made his spiel. About that time, an old guy at the back of the church came to the front waving his finger and saying "I want you to know I've been Baptist for over 75 years. Nobody's gonna' make a Christian out of me!"

Marvin's last joke was about a church and their building fund. They had some funds left over after the building was completed so the Construction Committee recommended a chandelier for the sanctuary be purchased with the excess funds. One old guy jumped to his feet and said, "I'm agin' it and here's why:
Number one -- No one can even spell it.
Number two -- There's no one here that knows how to play it.
Number three -- We need to spend that money on getting some lights put in here!"

Marvin accomplished his task of repairing my shade, but Marvin came -- not just with the tools of his trade. He came with a merry heart, a sweet and gentle spirit and no doubt gave me his best when he shared it all with me. I'm quite certain that he's told those jokes hundreds of times. But on this day, he AND God MADE my day! Wouldn't it be great if we had a bag filled with tools like Marvin had to MAKE the day of those we encounter?