Tuesday, August 16, 2016

What Punctuation Mark Defines You?

What Punctuation Mark Defines You?
I always want to be growing and learning. When we "cease and desist" our desires for living a full, active life and hungering and thirsting for knowledge and creativity, we will become stagnant. Like a rose that is cut off from its stem, we'll wither up and eventually lose all zest for living. In essence, a PERIOD defines who those folks are. Go here PERIOD. Go there PERIOD. Do that PERIOD. And, when all those goings and doings end, they END. I've heard about folks who had a full, successful and profitable life, but when retirement came....they quit living. Oh, they may be alive, but retirement, to them, was a PERIOD. Done. You might as well place a period after their name, because as far as they are concerned, they've gone as far as they are willing to go in this life. That certainly wasn't Mother Teresa. At age 86, she was accomplishing more and helping more people than a 20-something year old. I want to follow her lead.

A COMMA is a punctuation mark that separates words and phrases. A COMMA is never used at the end of a sentence. Whenever we see a COMMA, we know that there is more to come. A COMMA lets us know that after a short pause, more will follow. It is so awesome to be around COMMA people. They'll finish one project or service or outreach, and before you know it, they're on to the next one. They pitch in at a moment's notice, and without complaint. They’re first in line to volunteer, despite their already busy schedule. They work COMMA, work-out COMMA, teach a Sunday School Class COMMA, volunteer at a charity COMMA, help a neighbor in need COMMA..... not PERIOD. They just take a slight PAUSE, and they're at it again. Actually, our lives should be a series of COMMAS. We ought to go from one good deed of kindness to another.

The QUESTION MARK folks have so much potential. They are always growing because they are always learning. They are humble enough to know "they don't know it all". They are the ones who don't ALWAYS have to be right. They are the ones who are willing to ASK for directions, the one who is teachable and is always able to make course corrections and change directions.

Drum roll please!!! The GRAND FINALE of my punctuation post is about the EXCLAMATION POINT folks. The EXCLAMATION POINT signifies some dynamic, powerful and enthusiastic moment, action, and life being lived. EXCLAMATION POINTS are reserved for life’s great adventures and accomplishments that excite the spirit and set our hearts on fire. That's how we should be living our lives. Ordinary is not for them EXCLAMATION POINT! No complaining from them EXCLAMATION POINT! These folks are defined by their enthusiasm and live with great anticipation of what tomorrow holds EXCLAMATION POINT! Don't you love hanging out with EXCLAMATION POINT people? They live with relentless faith and will power to trudge forward in spite of a lot of COMMAS, PERIODS and QUESTION MARKS that have come their way. They have a life to live and they're not giving up until they're taken up.......… EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have work to be done….. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have mountains to climb.....EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have victories to achieve…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a devil to defeat…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a storm to calm…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a prayer to pray…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a promise to claim… EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a hunger to be satisfied…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a thirst to be quenched…. EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a race to be won......EXCLAMATION POINT!
They have a mission to be accomplished....EXCLAMATION POINT!

I want the DASH punctuation mark on my tombstone to say......