Friday, September 9, 2016

Be the Change

It's second nature to focus on everything that's wrong with others or what's wrong in politics or what's wrong with our places of business or churches or what's wrong in our nation. But, what about doing a "check up from our neck up" -- a self analysis about some of the areas we might just not have it altogether? If we did, then maybe some course corrections are called for that would result in us being the influencer for CHANGE that impacts our world in a positive way. That sounds like a lofty ambition. Me? Impact this world? After all, I'm just a Mom or I'm just a carpenter, or I'm just a housekeeper, or I'm just an artist.

When we think of world changers, we come up with the likes of Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, President Ronald Reagan, Mother Teresa (Saint Teresa of Calcutta), Mahatma Gandhi? They most certainly were world changers. But, let's give credit where credit is due. What about all you Moms & Dads who influence their kids everyday for greatness by your own examples of compassionate, caring, loving and giving leaders? What about you volunteers who tirelessly impact hungry, needy and loveless individuals as you give your time, talent and treasure at charitable organizations? What about those of you who daily touch people's lives just by your smile, a gentle touch or hug? And, what about you grandparents who never cease to pray for their family?

What about YOU and ME? What if we were willing to be the difference maker in someone who needs that extra word of encouragement and hope -- to not give up....TODAY!

Seems like a tall order to be a world changer....but when we consider the affect we can make on at least one person's life, we will most certainly be their WORLD changer!