Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BIG Moving Day! An EPIC Adventure Awaits Me!

So, this is my big moving day -- well, at least my "stuff's" moving day! The movers will be here in an hour or so and my earthly belongings will be headed to Texas, from whence I came from. It's time for an EPIC adventure! I'll still be hanging around here in Tulsa until after November 6th, so I've packed up my "portable office" -- printer, computer and supplies, my clothes and necessities and taking over to a friend's home just around the corner from my home. I'll be moving in stages.....first the furniture and furnishings going to Frisco in storage, and later I'll meet up with it all. Who knew my life would have this turn of events? Oh, I know. God did. He must have had this up His sovereign sleeve since the beginning of "my time". Now, I just need to get this adventure started!

It was 1971 when the little Ronald Wuerch Family aka Ron, Donna, Ryan and Staci, moved to Lake Keystone to start a Bible College. Ron's dad and his close friend, Dr. Charles Duncombe, from England, had the vision to do something really outrageous for God -- train people to be devoted, well-trained followers of Christ who desired to be used by God to spread the gospel around the world. Dad found the building (a former nightclub) and turned it into offices, class rooms, a sanctuary, prayer room, and meeting rooms. International Faith Bible College. How's that for making something beautiful out of what the enemy once used for his kingdom?

We started out living in that building -- the offices would be our bedrooms and the kids would bath in the commercial kitchen's huge sinks! Cleveland, OK was where our kids' elementary alma mater. We would eventually train and graduate many students to go into the highways and byways to share the love of Christ. Lots of stories of radical life changes during those years -- sending students to the mission fields and to other places of ministry.

Lots of water under the bridge -- from Keystone to Shawnee, OK, to Oklahoma City, to Winnipeg Canada and back to Tulsa until today. Now, full circle -- I will go back to Texas, where this girl's life began. That Canadian guy took me on many epic adventures in the 44 years we were married.

So, why stop now? Forty-five years since adventuring from Texas to Oklahoma and now from Oklahoma back to Texas. I'm turning the page in my life-book and starting a new chapter. I have no idea what the future will hold. But here's one sure thing I do know. God knows. He holds my future in the palms of His hands. I'm excited about what the future holds -- well, excitement with some trepidation. When the trepidation comes....I take a deep breath in and breathe out....."God's got this. He promised it in His Word," Jeremiah 29:11 "Oh the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future!" I'm at the starting gate....and I'm ready to run this new leg of my race with determination and with all-out great expectation! After all, I'm not running it alone. God is with me, for me, in me and already setting up divine appointments where I'll get to share His love, His light and His liberty with those who need it most. It will be an EPIC adventure! Get ready. Get set. GO!