Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Call to Me and I Will Answer You

When my sweet Mom was alive, I made it a habit to check on her everyday. I'd call her or go by to see her, and if I couldn't find her, I'd check with her neighbors. Mom was a gad-about in her Senior Living apartment complex -- in and out of neigbors' apartments. She was so loved by everyone, and usually if I called one of those neighbors, she was there or they knew where she was.

My sister-in-law and my 93-year old mother-in-law have a similar relationship. Because Karen and George work their business out of Mom's home, their daily visits are routine. Still, Mom calls and signs off with Karen each night, and she either calls Karen or Karen calls her in the mornings.

Last week I was at a leadership meeting that I attend every Monday for several hours. Mom called me during that time and because my phone was on silent, I didn't answer. She had forgotten about the meeting. After trying several times to unsuccessfully get me, she proceeded to call my daughter, Staci. Staci reassured her that I was probably at a meeting. Since Granny had never called her, looking for me like that before, she became concerned so she tried to find me....calling many times. Eventually, I answered my phone. Staci explained the "manhunt", but her hero, Larry, had checked Facebook and saw that I had made my daily post that morning and reassured her that I must be okay. Staci replied, "That doesn't mean she's okay. Sometimes she puts her posts on an automatic timer (I only do that when I'm out of the country away from wifi). He said, "No, she's been commenting on other people's posts. She's okay."

I was quite amused at this scenario. First, that my mother-in-law was checking up on me and, only after a few hours, "the hunt" ensued. But, alas, Facebook gave them all consolation.

I'll do better at checking in with "central station" daily. After all, I'm getting to that "mature" age when "heaven" just may have called my number. LOL! But, since "heaven" doesn't do Facebook, if you're missing me....just call out my name, and you'll probably find me on FACEBOOK!

Isn't it so great that God is so much easier to find than we are? I'm so glad that finding Him isn't a matter of a phone call, text message or Facebook. He's with us right HERE, right now. And, if we take the time to listen.....He'll even let us know He's right HERE, right now, if we'll just listen for His sweet, tender and loving voice.

"Call to me and I will answer you....." Jeremiah 33:3