Thursday, September 15, 2016

Less is More

It's hammer down mode around here. The "hammer down" I'm referring to is that vigorous, strenuous effort to get a job or task done. That's the mode someone goes into just before they're going on vacation. In my case, it's getting all packed up for movers to load up and head to Texas. Whew! I did so well in my move from Sapulpa to Tulsa four years ago. I purged and even had an estate sale to get rid of all that excess "stuff", but here I am, just a short four years later, with thinking "How did I acquire so much "stuff" again?

I heard such a timely message regarding "Less is More" living. I should have heard it two weeks before I started doing all this packing because I would have purged even more. But I'm not too late to apply the less-is-more concept to what's left. And, at the other end, make adjustments there, too.

And the "Less is More" living, is also applied to all the responsibilities we take on even when we have the opportunity to say "No", but we don't. We say "yes" without considering how many hours that yes will take us from family and friends and spending time with God.

Here's the less-is-more scripture: "Better one handful with tranquility, than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind." Ecclesiastes 4:6. I had never read that scripture and realized just what it meant until I heard this message over the weekend. Imagine a big bowl of jelly beans. Get one handful of jelly beans and then get another handful of jelly beans. Now shake hands with someone or pat someone on the back or give someone a helping hand. You can't, because your hands are full. That's why that scripture says "Better one handful with tranquility (or peace)." With two hands full, it's easy to become stressed and worried. The picture is someone that has taken on way too many responsibilities -- so many, that they don't have time for their family. In that case, again, "Better one handful with tranquility..." Less really is more when it comes to not striving for that extra "stuff" that encumbers our time, our emotions, and our freedom to give more.

I'm ready to re-evaluate my time, my commitments, my desires, and my "stuff" -- one handful will be plenty. I want that freedom to lift a brother or sister up, to put my arm around someone and encourage them, to reach my hand into my purse to pull out some cash for that one who is hungry, to hold someone's hand that is hurting, to touch a fevered brow and pray for God's healing.

Yes, it's "hammer down" to get 'er done.....but when that hammer is put away at the end of the day, I intend to have open hands and an open heart to love more, give more, share more and lift more.