Monday, September 12, 2016

The Last Word....And Many More

Are you one of those who has to have the last word? If so, then you, at the conclusion of singing "Happy Birthday" to someone, added the big finish….”and many more!!" I’ve come to find those words reassuring, so I always sing “and many more” under my breath in hopes that my quiet wish might help to safeguard the birthday boy or girl’s longevity. I know it’s not a sure fire guarantee because life has taught me that “many more” is something we can never be sure of. So, each and every birthday we have with our loved ones is a gift. I realized this when my sweetheart received the diagnosis that changed his “many mores” to “one more.”

“No more” is a sad thought, and I suspect if you’re reading this, you understand what I mean. Even though their passing means our loved ones never grow a year older, however, to those of us who are still here on this side of heaven, their birthday continues to happen year after year. Though they’re gone, their birthday still belongs to them; and to us, there’s no such thing as “no more”. We’re still here on this earth to REMEMBER there will be “many mores”. I’m here to tell you – significant days like birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations means we still love our loved ones despite their absence. That’s one of the things I love about Facebook and seeing when people post about their loved ones – years past their “going home” date. They are fondly remembering.

So all of that was to give justification for celebrating the one man, the one love of my life once again – on this, his birthday. Our family celebrates each other’s birthdays by pulling out the “Special Plate” and telling the honoree what they mean to us. I’m looking up to heaven and singing "Happy Birthday....and many more" to my Sweetheart today! I'll let you listen in as I say to him:

“My Sweetheart, you are so loved, honored, respected, and admired by me and all those who know you. I’m celebrating you and the mark you made on so many lives, the least of whom is ME! I am more today than I could have ever dreamed possible because of you.....your relentless urging, pushing, prodding, and encouraging me to be all I could be. You have always made me feel beautiful -- especially when I didn't feel it. When I didn't believe in myself, you believed in me! I am so thankful for the amazing husband, father, and grandfather that you were. You always gave yourself so freely to so many. I will never forget the precious, caring and giving way you treated others. You not only opened the door to them, but you fed them and clothed them and tolerated them and gave them truly the Father's love. You really were a "life enhancer" and a beautiful example, on earth, of Christ's love. There's not enough room here to tell you how much you meant to me......but one thing's for received your ultimate reward by getting to go on the fast track to heaven. My greatest determination is to be there with you someday and to get to have the ultimate in birthday bashes there! And, to all my FB friends and family -- YOU ARE ALL INVITED!!!

Oh, and by the way, maybe it's time you and your family have special plate days, too. For those here on this side of heaven. It is sure a confidence builder to those we love! And, maybe it's time to get out the special plate for your loved ones in heaven and reminisce and celebrate how they made in difference in your life. It will keep their memory alive, and bring gratitude back to those who helped make you who you are today!