Sunday, September 18, 2016

"THOSE" Kids Today??? Let Hope Arise!

Back in "my day", I was one of "those" kids who was fixated on my TV. I just had to tune into American Bandstand when I'd get home from school. I loved Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie, The Andy Griffith Show, Hogan's Heroes, Leave it to Beaver. The TV and the telephone were technology's latest!! Remember those phones with cords on them? We had the long cords and if we wanted privacy, we'd use that cord's length to talk from another room. We talked a lot on the telephone -- my boy friend and I spent hours there!

Rather than being thankful for the technology breakthroughs of this century -- cell phones with cameras, texting, social media -- you'll hear folks talk about the horrific things that kids are getting themselves into because of technology. Some folks say "If only we had the good old days when the worst temptation was chewing gum in school." But, I want to tell you.....there are kids today who are breaking the mold of "those" troubled kids. These kids have true hearts for God, for serving, for giving and for making a difference in this world. A couple of weeks ago, I told you about a young woman in my church who is passionate about teaching girls the importance of loving the "beautiful" that God made them to be, so she created a pageant for beauty that comes from within.

Over the last couple of days, I hung out with a group of young people who have hearts for worshipping God, serving in their church, going to the mission field, and STILL they are normal, fun-loving kids who love to be silly, play pranks on each other, and enjoy life. I witnessed it at my granddaughter's birthday party where they were in hyper mode, and then yesterday, Larry and Staci rented a theater where 30+ friends of Alexia were there to surprise her and then watch the newly released move "Hillsong: Let Hope Arise". Hillsong is a phenonomen -- a church that has become world renown because of their Christian contemporary music that has become known and sung worldwide. The movie is a theatrical production of worship and praise.

So this post is to give you good news. Many kids of this day, though they still all love their cell phones and connecting to their friends and the world with their messaging, are kids that are loving God and connecting with Him. Just keep your eyes wide open. There's so much good in this world. Romans 5:20 says, "Where sin abounds; grace much more abounds." I witnessed it first hand over the last couple of days. Rather than looking for the bad and evil, maybe it's time to watch for the grace that is abounding. And, we'll witness it more and more as we pray for this generation and for their hearts to turn to God and His love for them. So, let's Let Hope Arise!