Thursday, October 27, 2016

Excuse Me....Could I Have Your Undivided Attention Please?

Excuse Me....Could I Have Your Undivided Attention Please?
These days, it's almost impossible to have a meal or a focused conversation with someone without being interrupted by a phone call or text message. How does it make you feel to be having a nice conversation with someone, and then THEIR phone rings or dings that indicates a text message coming through, AND, without even a second thought, they leave you hanging while they answer their phone or text message? Ugh! And how do you feel if you're sitting at the dinner table with others and instead of carrying on conversation with you, you seem to be the only one at attention because the others are all checking their Facebook, Instagram or emails?

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been on both sides....the one singing "All By Myself" while others were heads down in their phones, AND I've been the one with my head down in MY phone. What in the world? Where did our respect for others and being laser focused on others in their presence go? I'm ashamed of us!! It's time for putting those phones in another room or turning them off so we can get back to what's REALLY important -- being a sincere, caring, and respectful friend and family member. It's like going into a store -- you made the effort to go to the store and BE THERE, when the store's phone rings, and the sales clerk answers it and carries on a conversation with them, instead of honoring the fact that YOU ARE THERE!

The point was made ever so profoundly yesterday morning as I sat on my friend's lovely screened-in porch that overlooks the beautiful pond and fountain, sipping my coffee, worshipping and praising my Lord as I read my devotion book and scriptures, phone dinged, alerting me to check out who just left a text message for me. After all, it could be the plumber, the friend that's coming over later today, or one of my children or grandchildren needing me. Right? Oh, so WRONG! I was fully engaged in conversation with my Heavenly Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth, My Creator, My Savior Who Gave His life for me, My Confidant, Healer and the King of all Kings....and I let myself be interrupted. Oh, and to make matters worse....while I was checking that ding, I just had to check my Facebook account and any emails that may have come in. Are you kidding ME? How could I be so inconsiderate? How could I be so unthoughtful? Suddenly, I was well aware of how rude and disrepectful I have been. Immediately, I heard God's tender and loving words "Heaven to Donna!!!! Could I have your undivided attention please?" While begging for forgiveness, I took the phone into the house and then went back to my Welcomed Guest and resumed my one-on-one with The Almighty! My goodness!

So let's do a Where's Waldo?" search. Where is the object in this photo that is used by the enemy to steal my alone time with my Best Friend, Father and my CEO? Oh, there it is.....smack dab in the middle.....instead of AWAY from being a distraction to my one-on-one time with my ROYAL guest. Jesus sat the example for us in Mark 1:35-36 "And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He departed and went out to a DESOLATE PLACE, and there He prayed."