Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making Room for Him

These photo inspirations are from the beautiful Advent by Candlelight at St. Benedict's Church in Broken Arrow where I was so honored to speak at last night. Slowing down from our busy schedules and activities, to purposefully STOP the hustle and bustle to "nest" in God's presence most certainly gives us the perspective of what this Advent season is really all about.

Obviously, candles and their glowing lights are abundant at an Advent by Candlelight. Each table hostess adorns HER table with her own china and place settings, as well as the focal point of the table -- her specially designed centerpiece and trimmings. You can see the intricacy of the details with the sole purpose of pointing us to He Who is the reason for this beautiful season. And, if the tables aren't enough to take our breath away, the hostess serves lovely desserts and provides little gifts for her table guests. While we're treated like royalty, it really is all about our KING, but since we're His daughters.....of course we get the ROYAL treatment.

Sunday began the Advent season which refers to the four weeks before Christmas when we celebrate Christ's arrival to planet earth.
The word "advent" means a coming or arrival, especially of something or someone extremely important. It's when we reflect on God's promises and prophecies to His people. And, it's a time of preparing our hearts in anticipation of the special day when we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior. While enjoying the festivities -- sleigh bells, carols, chestnuts roasting, reindeer movies, parties, visits to see Santa, baking Christmas goodies, gift giving --pondering ADVENT, keeps us remembering that there is such greater reasons for this glorious season. It's about a better day, a better life, it's about HOPE.

My message to the ladies revolved around the Nativity scene. If we look closely at a Nativity scene, we'd see far more than the angels, shepherds, wise man. the animals, the manger, Joseph, Mary and the baby. We'd see and realize that the Nativity scene is an explosion of worship. The angels are worshipping from above, the wise men, with their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrhh are bending low to worship, the shepherds are worshipping.

Advent is about worshipping He who is worthy of all worship and praise. Before His crown, there was a cross and before the cross was a manger and before the manger was a seed. He who left heaven's glory to come to earth was planted in Mary's womb as a seed. He came to you and me to prove His unfathomable and indescribable love to say "I understand you". A baby crying because his diapers are wet -- Jesus says "I understand. I was once a baby." The young child who is restless in church -- Jesus says, "I understand. I, too, knew what it was like to listen to my rabbi in Nazareth to go on and on." The teenager -- nobody understands teenagers -- but Jesus says, "I understand. I was a teenager." The young person who is faced daily with temptation and sin. Jesus says, "I understand. I was tempted in all points as you have been, yet I did not sin." The one who feels rejected, unloved, lied about -- Jesus says, "I understand. I was rejected and despised by men. And what could we possibly do to show our gratitude? We, too, can be worshippers of THE ONE, who is altogether worthy of our greatest praise and worship. Joy to the world. The Lord is come. Let EVERY HEART PREPARE HIM ROOM....and heaven and nature sing....and you and I sing.

I pray that we become true worshippers during this Advent season and beyond -- that we come to realize that HE UNDERSTANDS us because He became one of us.