Thursday, November 3, 2016

That's Gotta Hurt!

This photo came up on our timeline a couple of days ago, and many have commented about it. It doesn't take much for my daughter and I to find something hilarious in the midst of a routine day. We posed for this photo at a Pumpkin Patch and of course Staci would caption it "Hmm....that's gotta hurt!" LOL! Good news, it's just a straw scarecrow so it's really not hurting, but what about us? Have you said those words "It hurts so much." Maybe we were actually hurting physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually or some other way. We can share our sad or painfuly story and someone just might say, "That's gotta hurt".

But what if those "gotta hurt" times are part of the Master Plan -- just the "set up" for the "punch line" that is on its way in our lives? I loved hearing Michael Jr. (a Christian comedian who, is hailed as one of today’s most gifted comedians) tell about his "hurting" to living-life-large story. . Michael Jr. got his start when George Wallace took him to the legendary Comedy & Magic Club. The club is the home of Jay Leno and “The Tonight Show” staff. The club’s owner slipped the unknown comic, Michael Jr., onstage to perform. A week later, he was performing at the “Just for Laughs” comedy festival in Montreal where he became the first comedian to ever appear live via satellite on “The Tonight Show.” That performance catapulted Michael’s career. He explained that for years he'd been practicing for this moment. Then one day.....he was ready for the BIG TIME.

He explained that as a kid, he and his friend made a pact to help each other stop cursing. They would punch each other in the chest as hard as they could if they heard each other cursing. "THAT'S GOTTA' HURT!" That made him stop cursing because it hurt too much. And way back then....he was already practicing the "set up" for his "clean" comedy act that would open doors in his future.

He went on to talk about "the things from our past" -- some of those hurtful things -- the bad relationship, dysfunctional family, the divorce, the illness, the loss of a loved one -- are those very things that God uses to catapult us. So we practice and practice and then it's GAME TIME! Our gift will make room for us. A comedian sets up his story or joke, and then a shift happens that goes the opposite direction and that's when the punch line happens. That punch line MAKES the joke. It makes everything make sense. The "That's Gotta' Hurt" times, as well as "Atta Boy!" times -- God uses it all for good......"the punch line".

God is working in our lives. There's some incredible set-ups coming. We must keep practicing right where we are. Practice makes perfect. When that door opens, we'll be able to walk right into the destiny and purpose God planned for us all along.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11