Saturday, November 5, 2016

Time for Change -- FALL Back!

Summer is officially over….though it has seemed to drag its feet here in Tulsa! We’ve had way warmer temperature than usual…..but hold on…..change is coming. In fact, it’s cooler today – just in time to give a little ARK (Act of Random of Kindness) to my FB friends. I'm wanting you to get that extra hour of sleep that you deserve! Daylight saving time 2016 will end tomorrow morning, Sunday, at 2 a.m., so it'll be best to set your clocks back an hour before retiring tonight!

This is my favorite time change – the one that “falls back” and we get a much needed extra hour of sleep – unlike the Spring time change when it advances an hour and we lose an hour of sleep. We adults can get this and adapt quite readily. But, oh my goodness, I remember when my babies and grandbabies were babies and those time changes came and it was a work-out to get them on the new schedule. They didn’t understand they could get an extra hour of sleep in the Fall. But, these days, wise young moms have learned to trick the time clock. They start regulating the kids’ schedule way before tonight. They gradually moved bedtime and morning wake up time and nap times later by 10-15 minutes. By the time Sunday comes those kiddos’ schedule is already tracking the new time.

I love that. Adapting to change. Rather than grumpy moms, dads and kids….be forward thinking. What can I do to make what I know is coming… easier, calmer, less-stress outcome? First of all, ACCEPT that changes are inevitable. Like this Daylight savings time change – it’s going to happen where we want it to our not – we can thank good old Benjamin Franklin for that! He proposed rising an hour earlier in order to conserve candles, but it didn't take root until World War II, when President Franklin D. Roosevelt started what he called "War Time” in an effort to save resources. Thanks, Ben, & President Roosevelt!"

Being willing to embrace change has so many rewards. Last Tuesday night, at our Women of the Madalene Meeting, those sweet ladies gave me a really special tribute because of my move to Texas. I was reminded that my friend and I as President and Vice President, 10+ years ago, saw the need to change the name of our women’s group from “Women’s Club” to a name that would be more inclusive of ALL the women in the parish. We had no desire to be an exclusive “club”. After much thought and deliberation and acclamation by our Board – the CHANGE was made and the group’s name was changed to Women of the Madalene. Did it ruffle a few feathers because “It’s ALWAYS been the Women’s Club – why change?” Yes. But here we are years later and the name stuck like glue….and now other parishes have changed their Women’s Clubs’ names, too. Change was good.

Change in our lives is inevitable. We can hold change like the tight reins of a horse and resist it and refuse to submit to change, or we can take off those old hats of “I’ve ALWAYS done it this way, and I’ll never change” or put on those new hats of “I’m going to embrace change – and grow and learn and adapt and be ALL God destined us to be.” Maybe it’s time to rethink that potential new hairstyle, that better job, that computer course to up your game, that circle of friends, that same-oh-same-oh attitude of gloom, doom, and despair. Just maybe it’s time to get a new lease on life by being willing to CHANGE!