Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Were You There When Donald Trump Became President?

Yes, I was there -- glued to the returns that came in. Even my young grandchildren stayed up for the big announcement. The history books will long declare "Donald Trump became the 45th President-Elect of the United States of America on November 9th, 2016". Who woulda' thought that a real estate mogul, New York businessman, and the "You are fired" guy would be elected our President? One news commentator said, "This was the most astonishing campaign by an outsider who had relatively no political experience, but the people's voice was heard." How does that sound -- "The people's voice was heard"?

I stood in line for an hour and fifty minutes to vote in this unprecedented election because I wanted my voice to be heard. I have never seen anything like it. Apparently, it was a record turnout. I've never seen lines like I saw. It was worth the wait, because I met some really great people that were optimistic, positive and not complaining about the long wait at all. I saw people being pushed in their wheelchairs. I saw young moms with babies in strollers and pouch slings. They had children in tow and many were not too thrilled to be there. My "line" friends held my place while I went and held those moms' places so they could go change their diapers or to let their little one run around some. Though those children will not remember this day, their mommas will no doubt remind them, for many years to come, that they were there on this historic day -- the day "The people's voice was heard."

It sure has been a wild and crazy several months -- so much nonsense in words, deeds and actions by, not just the candidates but by those of us that somehow forgot God's desire for us to be lights in the middle of it all. We've had opportunities to exercise our patience, temperance, gentleness, joy, kindness and, most of all, our love. The question isn't how the candidates fared through it all....but "How did we handle ourselves as Christs' followers during this process?" Regardless of the side we were on, was God's light shining through us? Though "the people's voice was heard" -- was it the voice of goodness and mercy"?

Whether you are sad or glad about the outcome of this election, here's what matters most: God wasn't surprised by the winner. He is, after all, a KNOW-IT-ALL. He knew Donald Trump would be "the last man standing" here today. The best news is -- God is already King and HE REIGNS supreme — and He will work with our fragile, imperfect ways and bring calm to the chaos of our lives and our world. Now, may our voices of compassion and sensitivity be heard to our fellow man. May our voices declare "We are the UNITED States of America and UNITED we stand!"

Lots of folks had talked about going to Canada should Donald Trump become President. WOW!! Wonder why they didn't decide to go to a warmer place like the Bahamas, the Fiji Islands or Tahiti? Be careful little mouth what you just may have to eat those words someday! May our voices be heard around the world that ROCKS this WORLD with love that knows no bounds and may we get behind our new president in support and prayer.