Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Where Were You on November 22nd, 1963?

I have many memories from growing up here in my home town of Dallas, but none are more vivid than this day, November 22, 1963.

I was in my 10th grade Geometry class at South Oak Cliff High School. I had so wanted to be with some of my friends whose parents took them downtown to witness the President driving by in his motorcade! This memory is indelibly imprinted in my mind. Midway through our class, our Principal spoke on the PA system. He shared the shocking and unbelievable news "Our President has been shot -- let us pray......." I recall, as if it were yesterday, that as he told us this terrible news, we all gasped and my teacher and many of us students began to cry. A while later, he spoke again..."President Kennedy has died." We were in a state of shock. Our country was in a state of shock.

Perilous and heartbreaking times back then and they continue today and across the world. How should we react to these times. The answer lies in that second paragraph where I shared that our Principal spoke to us via the PA system and said....."LET US PRAY!" Prayer should always be our first response -- go to the one that offers us peace and comfort during the toughest of times and celebrates with us in the most joyous times. And our response and actions, as Christians, should be that we become agents of love -- comforting, caring and loving.

Back to President John F. Kennedy and his legacy. Though he had some hefty controversial personal issues, still, as President he established the Peace Corps, the NAVY Seals, and the Green Berets. His leadership was instrumental for the civil rights movement and the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis. He inspired a new generation of Americans to engage in public service; his example still calls us to "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."

I like to think that our President-Elect will have monumental successes in his term of office, and come what may -- he will be MY President so I commit to pray for him -- that God will protect, guide and direct him. And in the meantime, I plan to show up on behalf of my country. Instead of asking what our new President Trump, the government and my country can do for me.....I plan on stepping up my game and asking "What can I do for my country? What can I do for my world?" Thank you, President Kennedy, for the reminder!