Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas is for Children -- of All Ages

Oh how the memories roll like a film during this time of year when we see a Christmas program, a play, light displays, hear a song or anything that creates a “blast from the past”. That happened for me on Sunday when my two youngest grandsons were in their church’s Children’s Christmas program -- singing about the birthday of Jesus.

That took me back 40+ years ago when I directed the Children’s Christmas programs for our church. Each child was responsible for learning a little Christmas piece. A 3-year old would say something like “I may be small and not very tall, but I know Jesus came to save us all”. And an 8-year old might have said, “Christmas time again, fills our hearts with joy. Love came down to bless every girl and boy. The greatest of stories ever to be told, is Jesus born a baby, what a wonder to behold!” Then we’d sing some Christmas songs that the kids would, with gestures and hand signs, sing with so much cuteness you could hardly stand it.

My Staci was one of those, who, at about age 3, was so shy that she’d pull her skirt over her head to hide. Who knew that little shy girl, would be so “out there” today, singing and speaking to massive audiences? Oh, God did.

My son would own the stage and holler out “Hi Mom! Hi Dad!” Who knew he would grow up to be an entrepreneur and speak to audiences like he did this last Sunday? Oh, God did.

Who knew that my two children, donned in their Christmas Children’s Choir outfits in this photo, two typical siblings who aggravated each other with such pointless matters more times than I could count, would come together and create businesses that would make life better for so many? Oh, God did.

And those children that I saw last Sunday at Expression Church, so adorable, in their Sunday best, singing the words to those songs that spoke about faith for today and hope for tomorrow all because of a newborn King. Because He lives, those kids have a future and a hope – no matter whether they were on the front row because they liked the limelight, or the back row, because they prefer to be in the background. God holds their tomorrows and don’t be surprised that right in the that group of kids are doctors, lawyers, politicians, moms, dads, entrepreneurs, pastors, teachers. Who knows where they’ll end up? Oh, God does.

Our Creator and He who is a KNOW IT ALL has the master plan for those kids’ lives and yours and mine – all because He loves us all so much. How do we know that? Christmas. The Creator of ALL, Master of ALL, God of ALL became flesh and gets us… much so that He sees us from our beginning to our ending. Who could love us so much and want the best for us like that? Oh, God does.