Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Do You See What I See?

Have you ever looked for something that was right in front of you all the time? I could be wearing my glasses, and be looking for my glasses. I could be looking for my keys and they could be right on the counter in front of me. We could be looking for the rain to stop, and miss the rainbow God sent. We could be taken with the brilliance of the star and miss the baby in the manger. We could be so focused on so many details and miss the ONE that is the guest of honor. Remember Martha in the Bible who was so busy with the details of entertaining, making sure the meal was fit for a king, but she missed the opportunity to sit at the feet of THE KING.

But, even more so, we could be missing God when He dwells right here inside us. “Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 He could be pointing out all kinds of wonders and miracles and glimpses of heaven to us and we’re so busy that we miss His signals. Think about it. This Christmas, we've heard and sung so many songs about Him being with us, and we've heard and read many scriptures about Him being with us, and we’ve seen so many evidences of His presence, yet, just maybe….we’re still NOT seeing Him.

What if we REALLY tuned into Emmanuel? What if we sincerely realized we are never alone, because God IS with us?

Let me share with you how I recognize Him in my daily walk. When I’m with my family, I see Him in the twinkling eyes of my grandchildren and in the tenderheartedness of my children as they patiently and devotedly train and instruct their children.

Yesterday, I saw God in my youngest grandson as he did his daily chores. I was so impressed with his attention to the details of being sure just the right amount of feed was in the feeders for his goats, and just the right amount of a different kind of feed for his horse and, and yet another kind for his donkey. I saw him give his horse a Pop Tart to hide the medicine he gave him. I saw him carefully pull out that big wheelbarrow to the barnyard and pick up all the animals’ droppings and then push that wheelbarrow all the way to the pasture. He was so attentive to his responsibilities.

I thought about God’s attention to the details of our lives. He is so a part of our lives that we can rest assured nothing goes unnoticed by Him. God is with us. Just like anyone who would be a passenger in our car, or a guest at our dinner table….. we can talk to Him. We can talk to Him about any, and everything. We can thank Him for the “favors” that come, like green lights, the parking places close to the doors of the store, the “bargains” that we may find. I know He is with me, so I'm sensitive to wanting to please Him. And I’ve found that, because I stay close to Him during my days, when the times of unexpected challenges come, I just remember, I’m not facing anything alone, because God is with me…..and I feel His peace right away, and I know He will bring about what’s best for me. I urge you to KNOW Him – to know Emmanuel – He is with me – He is with YOU! Do you see what I see?