Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!
My sweet Mama would always make her calls to each of her grown children on Christmas Eve morning, saying -- "Merry Christmas Eve". We expected that call. And I say that to all of my FB friends today -- MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! That little greeting and memory certainly does turn my heart to this day 2,000 years ago. Mary, in labor and fast approaching the birth of her baby boy, and Joseph scurrying to find a place for the big debut of the Son of God, knew what "last minute details" were all about.

We're getting closer to "Silent Night -- Holy Night", but until then...this day is probably filled with lots of activity for us all -- last minute shopping, wrapping the final packages, and getting some of our Christmas meal ready to go for tomorrow. After two more Christmas productions that Staci and the kids will perform in today, we'll settle down for our Christmas Eve traditions. Then, when these two grandkids wake up tomorrow morning, I will have arrived in Austin after an early morning drive to celebrate Christmas Day with my family there. I'll wave at Santa enroute, as he'll probably be delivering his last presents along the the way! ;-)

What a treat it was to see my sweet cousins, Mary Ellen Snow and Charles Snow and daughter and two of their grandchildren at the production. Of course, I had to have a quick photo opt. They live nearby here in Frisco. Lots of sweet family memories invade my mind when we're together. Our Mamas are sisters.

Tonight we will have our traditional "Wuerch/Wallace style" opening of all the presents -- except for what Santa brings in the stockings, of course which will be tomorrow morning. Sweet, hilarious time of making memories for another year.

Yes, the traditions and festivities are so enjoyable, but rolling out the red carpet and recognizing the Guest of Honor is what this awe-inspiring season is all about.'s up to us to ensure the Honoree is positioned in His rightful place of distinction.

I love the story of St. Nicholas. He was a very kind man and had a reputation for helping the poor and giving secret gifts to people who needed it. And that story inspires us all with a heart of giving. St. Nicholas is where "Santa Claus" came from. But, as sweet as those "treasured" photos of Santa Claus with our little ones are, and seeing their little eyes sparkling with wonder, and putting cookies out for this jolly old soul to pay us a visit, Santa ISN'T the "Guest of Honor".

The leading characters of the Christmas Story are Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the angels, and, of course, the Headliner, the main attraction and the Star of the Show is Jesus Christ. He is the REASON for the celebrations and He should be the Guest of Honor at each one. I love that we have a role to play in this great story, too. Perhaps we can be one of the shepherds. We don't need eloquent words and we don't need a place of prominence or status. We just need to be bearers and sharers of "the good news of great joy".

People expect pastors and priests to talk about Christmas being about Christ. But what people need are shepherds of the world to teach and preach that message.

You and I have the ability to amaze someone today with the message of Christmas. "For God so loved the world He GAVE His one and only Son."

Even Santa bows down to Him as the Guest of Honor.

I pray that the awesome richness of this gift is experienced in the lives of you and your precious families -- that makes this a Christmas to remember. Much love and MERRY CHRISTMAS, one and all!