Thursday, December 1, 2016

Signs are Everywhere, But Do We See Them?

My relationship with God is by far my highest priority.. I purposely cultivate that relationship by spending time in His presence....I hear from Him quite regularly. Maybe that sounds like I pray for hours on end to be in His presence, but that's not the case. When I wake up, I know I'm in His presence. As I go through my day, I know I'm in His presence. When I'm sleeping, I know I'm in His presence. I don't have to find a secret place (though it's quite beneficial to have those places of complete focus). Being so "tight" with my Father God that I sense His nudges and His signs, is sincerely my goal.

I'd like to think that I am always on the same wavelength as God -- that His ebb and flow is my ebb and flow. But there are so many distractions that come my way, that very often I miss His whispers, His nudges and His signs. Paying attention is my aim.

Over the last couple of weeks, I've shared in my FB posts how I've recognized divine encounters, God's gentle nudges and other signs of His presence. When a cardinal showed up while I was praying, I sensed God's attention to the details of the talk I would soon be giving. And, Monday, His presence was made known to me again, confirming that I was on track.

Case in point: On Monday's FB post, I shared the gist of my talk at the Advent by Candlelight. "I understand" are Christ's words when it comes to all the challenges we may face because He experienced everything that we have. "I understand a baby's cry" because I was a baby." "I understand a teenager's struggles, because I was a teenager." "I understand the temptations of a young person, because I was tempted in all points as they are, yet I sinned not." Bottom line "I understand" are Jesus' words because He too knew the plight, the struggles, the pains and concerns of humanity, because He was human.

Getting everything together for the event, I realized I left my Bible in Frisco, so I asked Mom if I could borrow one of hers. She said, "Sure, there's an Oral Roberts Bible on the book shelf in my bedroom. I loved it -- red leather edition. As I opened to the scriptures I would be referring to at the event, a Gospel tract fell out of the pages. The tract was entitled "I Understand". God gave me a sweet assurance that I was on point with my talk because, of all the Bibles Mom has, it was the Oral Roberts Bible that she directed me to, and that tract was in that Bible. I shared this story at the event to assure the ladies of God's gentle nudges, signs and His desire to communicate truths with us through so many providential circumstances.

The next day, one of the attenders of the event, sent me an email asking for a copy of the tract "I Understand" to give to her mother in law. I found it online and sent it to her. But her words about "signs" are what blessed me. Here is what she said.......

"I just read my morning prayer and wouldn't you know it mentions signs! How about that? Here's the devotion prayer....
"Lord Jesus, may I never lose sight of the SIGNS of your presence in my life and the SIGNS of your action in the world today. Free me from spiritual dullness, indifference, and every distraction that would keep me from you. May I never tire of listening to your word, seeking you in prayer, and longing for your return in glory."

May we keep our eyes and ears open to His voice and His gentle nudges. He wants us to seek Him and know His heart, His longing to be our best friend that, more than anything, desires to see us blessed. If not, maybe now is a good time to start! I pray that you become a NOTICER -- watch for God's sweet confirming "signs" that will keep you moving in His direction!