Monday, December 5, 2016

The First Day of the Rest of My Life....My New Adventure Begins!!!

My first full day as a Texan -- well, I've always been a Texan -- born here in Dallas, a few decades ago ;-), but after 3+ decades in Oklahoma, adapting to "Ohhh-Kla-ho-ma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains", and the wonderful people and places of that great state, I get a fresh start in Texas. How awesome is that?

With my sweet children's love, guidance and encouragement, I'll not be looking for a place of my own until after the first of the year, so my first stop-over is here in Frisco where my kids made such a sweet space for me -- new carpet and decor in my bedroom, and my Austin kids have the same thing awaiting me. No doubt, I am loved.

An awesome "sign" that I was home, was sleeping for 8 solid hours my first night -- the first 8-hours of sleep in months and months. Four to six hours is typically my rest for the night. I woke so refreshed and purposed to get my running routine back in gear, so, first thing, as I was heading out, I stopped off in Staci's office and there before me were these precious items (pictured here) that took my thoughts to my Sweetheart -- it was another "sign" -- he's still with me -- his hammer that he used in his carpentry work, his chalice and paten for communion, his baseball glove and an airplane that reminded me of his love of flying. Though this is the first day of the rest of my is also a day that I get to treasure the best parts of my past.
After my slight pause to send kisses to heaven, I headed out for my 3-mile run. Taking my phone with me -- just in case I lost my way (lots of new streets and trails here in my daughter's community), I was able to capture the welcome of some Christmas friends...the snowmen, Rudolph, reindeer and penquin, and the reminder of what this season is really all about....the 3 Wise Men. Then quick reminders of where I'm at.....Texas and Cowboy Country! LOL!

Sweet first day, first sights, first run, first FALL! What??? Yes, while I was relishing the sights and sounds of this FIRST DAY....I failed to keep my eyes on the sidewalk with uneven pavement. My foot caught the next section, and BAM, I went down in an amazing array of SPLAT......along with my phone crashing with me on it's face. Cracked phone screen, bloody and scraped knee, elbow and hands. WHAT? How could that happen on a morning filled with such sweet awe and wonder? My serendipitous day suddenly went sour! Right? NOT...on your life! I brushed myself off, finished my run (a little slower than I started), came home and cleaned myself up, and headed to church......where He Who made this "First Day of the Rest of My Life", welcomed me. I recognized Him in the faces of those who attended with me and in the music and in the Word that was spoken. What better place to go to turn a sour day back into a great day!

Yes, we all make plans for the perfect life.....or maybe not even perfect, but good. Then, along comes a bump in the road or a flat tire, or a disagreement with someone dear and life takes a turn SOUTH! We have a choice during those times. We can look for all the things that are WRONG.....or be thankful for all the things in our lives that are RIGHT. Gratitude makes the difference. I was grateful that I was not more seriously injured. I needed a new phone anyway, so that cracked screen guaranteed I'd be getting a new one. I had a home to go home to where I was encouraged. Bottom line....this First Day of the Rest of My Life.....was amazing.....and I'm still here to tell it! I'm excited to see what the Second Day of the Rest of My Life will look like! I'm expecting it to be incredible because God told me so....Jeremiah 29:11 "“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."