Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thinking Back and Looking Forward

It's the 365th day of 2016. I made it!!! 365 days of posting a positive word for my FB friends and family. After all, there's enough negativity in social media with politics, the weat her, the economy, the disappointments many speak about or vent about in their relationships. Once upon a time, I didn't want to be on social media because of those reasons, but then I sensed that God was calling me to bring some sunshine to a world that can be quite dark, and then my special thoughts and words would, hopefully, bring inspiration to others. I can't begin to adequately explain how rewarded I feel for staying true to my commitment. Purposefully, I've had to make sure to stay "in the zone", seizing the moments, noticing little and big God-encounters, recognizing that God is always speaking. I just had to tune in to His still small voice, and, often, His big booming voice as I witnessed His illustrated messages to me through nature, His Word, His kids and His embrace. Fact is.....I showed up for my daily appointment with God.....and He was faithful and true to His promises.....He ALWAYS showed up for me.

I'm not exactly sure what this next year will look like, not only in my commitment to daily posts and blogs, but in life overall. But one thing I do know for sure......I know WHO knows and I'm excited for the journey that awaits me. There will be many opportunities for making FB posts and writing my daily blogs because I'm very aware that God has many more exciting adventures and trails for me to blaze in this new year. So, I'll continue to be on daily assignment.

These photo inspirations are from this day in 2014 and Brennan's video from 2015 with my two little men -- my annual New Year's Eve dates! Tonight, once again, these two and I will be donning our hats and making toasts with our sparkling grape juice, and blowing our horns. We'll even shoot some little fireworks, and we'll watch the giant sphere of sparkles descend in Times Square an hour behind East Coast time as 2016 makes its exit and 2017 makes its debut. We'll be silly and dance and give each other hugs and kisses. Eat your heart out, single women everywhere! LOL!

A new year -- new hope for our future. There is something inherit within us that craves a new fresh start -- a chance to make wrongs right, and good things even greater. The promise of a clean slate is thrilling. I've already begun to think about new horizons, new seasons, and new adventures. My personal motto will continue to be "I'm still I'm not done." I know that God will give me courage to face each new day and the best part, His mercies will be new each morning.

The great news is that God is the author of 2017! He knows each and every twist and turn that is up ahead, both for you and for me. He has planned 2017 down to the minutest detail—all with the goal for our good. Look out, 2017 -- HERE WE COME! Let the GREAT ADVENTURES begin!!!