Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We Can't Soar With Eagles If We're Hanging Out With Turkeys

For over 30+ years, Weight Watchers has been my accountability and sustainability partner to keep this girl in line when it comes to maintaining a healthy goal weight.

This post, today, isn't to advertise Weight Watchers, but to encourage us to hang with positive, supportive and inspiring people and groups that will help us keep "soaring with eagles", unless, of course, we are mentoring others who need an "eagle" role model that shows them how to fly to a higher level in their attitude and outlook in life.

Typically, I simply go in for a monthly weigh-in, but yesterday, I felt inclined to stay for the meeting. I want to make new friends, so I best be showing myself friendly to new groups here in Frisco. I was so glad I did, because, before the WW Leader started, there was already a buzz going on in the room. One of their determined WW members was being celebrated because she had reached her goal weight and has become a Lifetime Member which means all she has to do is maintain her goal weight and meetings, tools, and weigh-ins are FREE forever. This sweet gal admitted that, before now, she was ashamed to admit what her weight had been, but yesterday she admitted "I've lost 92 pounds". And, that's not the best part. Her crowning achievement includes no longer having to take medicine or insulin for Diabetes, no longer having to be on a C-pap machine, her blood pressure medicine has been cut in half and her eye doctor even told her the best thing she could have done for her eyes was to lose weight. I loved how proud she was of her new-found, better version of herself. It seems she has a whole new lease on life.

Not only was I inspired by her story, but her attitude and optimism elevated our thinking that we, too, can accomplish anything when we have the right tools, goals, and undaunted persistence and determination like she has had. And, this sweet gal isn't a "spring chicken" -- but she wants to finish life strong -- and her new self will help her do that.

Another much younger gal had reached her 10% weight loss goal and she, too, was celebrated. She admitted that sugar had been her best friend for years, and since reducing her sugar intake, the pounds have come off. She also shared that now she drinks 3 cups of green tea a day-- a tip she received from one of the founders of the Susan Komen Foundation. (BTW, to remove the bitterness of green tea, she adds a couple of squirts of lime juice.) It's been proven that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced by 50% by drinking green tea daily, and taking a tumeric pill will freeze the growth of breast cancer. Those cancer reducing routines are because she had two cancer scares, but now continues on to a healthy life. I learned all this because I took the time to "hang out" with eagles.

I looked around the room and saw these posters that put everything into perspective. I thought...."What a wonderful environment to be in to gain self respect and self worth! This is a safe place -- it is a supportive and encouraging place! We need environments like this that help us move closer to our goals and dreams!" And I thought about those who often hang out with negative folks, on purpose. I thought about those who watch negative tv shows and listen to negative commentary on the radio, and read it online and they just settle there.....scratching around with "turkeys". And, have you noticed, negativity attracts negativity?

I don't know about you, but I'm determined to hang out in places that will inspire me, empower me and build me up, that encourage me to strive to be a better me, that cause me to look at the bright side of life. I think I'll just keep on hanging out with optimistic friends and family at church, women's groups, Bible Studies, motivational meetings, and at Weight Watchers. Maybe it's time we choose a new "normal" -- the one that soars with eagles instead of hanging out with the turkeys.

Excuse me....I'm "suiting up" for flying today! How about you joining me? "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31