Friday, December 16, 2016

When You Choose HOPE, Anything is Possible

HOPE, means “the exciting expectation that something GOOD is about to happen”. Yesterday, I knew what that's about -- based on my grandchildren's GREAT EXPECTATIONS about what last night held for them. When the tickets could first be bought, my grandson, Payton Wallace purchased tickets for his whole family (me and his friend included) to the premier showing of the new Star Wars Rogue One movie. Needless to say, he is quite the avid Star Wars fan. Check out his bedroom decor' here! He has looked forward to the new movie since he first heard it was coming out. When my Austin grandson, Brennan, heard about Payton going to the 10:30 pm showing last night in Frisco, he one-upped Payton and bought tickets for him and his friend to see it at the 7:30 pm showing in Austin. I love the "cousin" rivalry! Needless to say, their hope and great expectations became reality when we all saw it last night.

This post isn't so much about Star Wars as it is for us to be putting our hope and great expectations for our lives out there. Those of us who have experienced “expecting” a baby – know quite well, that it's a process. We don’t get half way through our pregnancy and say – “I’m through with this – I’m done with ‘expecting’!” No, we know it’s a process, and if we patiently wait for “the appointed time” of delivery, we’ll be blessed with a precious bundle of love and joy. Payton and Brennan, and the rest of us for that matter, did our best to patiently wait for this new episode of Star Wars and it was worth the wait.

This post really isn't about STAR Wars, but THE STAR of the show in this beautiful season of Advent -- expecting and waiting for Him. The birth of Christ gives us the hope, and possibility, that we can live life in a radical way – the way of trusting, believing, and expecting that all He’s promised us will be ours if we patiently wait for His perfect plan for our lives. During this beautiful season, may we find that place of peace -- a time of loving and deepening our relationship with God – delighting in Him. It’s a radical way of living, but the infant in the manger is a beautiful “memory” – our King of Kings is not there. He grew up, and He sacrificed His life so that we can live a life of hope and GREAT EXPECTATION.

Don’t give up! Keep your hope up! Get your EXPECTOR expecting! Remember ….. it’s a process! Your “baby” (your hopes, your dreams) will get here….and you’ll soon be blessed with God’s bundles of love and joy.