Saturday, January 7, 2017

Surprise! It Snowed Last Night!

I'm feelin' the love. God's love, that is, because yesterday morning, here in Tulsa, there was a "sprinkling" of snow everywhere. The morning welcomed me with such tenderness and peace. I just had to quickly grab a couple of photos. Though I find that peace here everytime I visit her, Mom still has her sweet little Christmas tree up, lights burning brightly, and over the fireplace is this "Peace" wreath and the manger scene that reminds me of God's amazing grace. Mom just walked into the room and said, "Look at my little deer -- they're still sleeping." I told her to look outside and she said, "Look what we gave you! (I knew she meant -- her AND God!) LOL! I told her I'd be glad to help her take her decorations down while I'm here and she said, "No, I'm having Helen over on Sunday for lunch and I want the Christmas cheer here still." Don't you love that? My 94-year old mother-in-law still loves to entertain and welcome friends to her home. I get inspired every time I come here.

I said "sprinkling" of snow earlier and that reminded me of a post I made a few days ago where I said "Oftentimes, we just want a "little sprinkling of Jesus" into our day, when, in reality we need a "whole lotta' Jesus in every moment of every day of our lives". That's God's grace.....we certainly need way more than just a "sprinkling" of His grace -- that amazing grace that forgives us and makes us white as snow. Isaiah 1:18 says: "Come now, let us settle the matter," says the LORD. "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow;"

That causes me to recall a beautiful song, "Somewhere It's Snowing" written by a dear friend, Stephanie Boosahda. I've been humming it now since I saw the snow this morning. It was also a song sung by another dear friend, Sharon Daugherty, at my daughter's "Winter Wonderland" Wedding.

Following are the lyrics -- but, please, as you read, click on this link so you can hear Stephanie sing it with her beautiful, God-given voice. I promise you -- it will bless you. In fact, why don't you join me in having a little talk with the SNOW-GIVER and ask Him for a good snow cover today to our hearts and soul?

I once read in a poem, when snow covers the earth,
That it hides the worlds scars, and gives nature new birth,
And they say when a man turns from sin to the Lord,
That forgiveness, like snow, covers him evermore!

And somewhere it’s snowing – see the soft drifting down
As the snowflakes surrender to the hardening ground.
Like the good grace of Jesus that now covers our sin,
In the kingdom of Heaven, it’s snowing, again.

And it's told that the angels lift their hearts and rejoice,
When one traveler turns homeward from his way, to the Lord.
If somewhere someone’s turning, He’s giving His all,
Then God’s grace, like the snow, is beginning to fall!

And somewhere it’s snowing – see the soft drifting down
As the snowflakes surrender to the hardening ground.
Like the good grace of Jesus, that now covers our sin,
In the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s snowing, again.