Thursday, January 5, 2017

Time to Register for Cross Training

On New Year's Day, I heard this said:: "This is going to be your best year ever, but keep in mind, though you may be going in with a clean slate, you're still taking some of the "old" in with you. You still take YOU!"

That's a wake-up call, isn't it? It's awe-inspiring to think that the old stuff -- the negative circumstances, the mistakes and failures, the overwhelming and the underwhelming situations are over with, because we think "2017 is going to be different. Good things are coming my way this year! 2017 is going to be MY greatest year EVER!" But, once again, what has changed in you AND me, that guarantees a better year?

Bottom line...we probably need to undergo some tweaking with our attitudes, our outlooks, our overspending, our carelessness, our tempers, our giving (or the lack thereof), and our heartfelt appreciation for how blessed we really are.

The way for the most guaranteed-for-success-outcome, is to lean into the ONE who will make the most significant difference in our 2017. Rather than God being simply a casual acquaintance to us and only when we need Him that we call on Him, we should make Him the CENTER of everything...our finances, our relationships, our health, our character, and our devotion. To be fully devoted followers of Christ, makes the difference. How often do we just "sprinkle" a little Jesus into our day by a mere glance at Him. But when we understand that He is the difference maker in everything about our lives. When it really dawns on us that He lives inside us and, when we rely on Him for the best decisions to make, the kindest attitude to others, the character that does the right thing when no one is looking, and seriously consider our actions by submitting our emotions to Him, saying "I'm not responding that way any more.

Luke 2:52 says that the young Jesus "grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Now that's what I'm talking about. Though we leave the past mistakes and all the negatives in the past, because we bring ME, MYSELF and I into the new year, wouldn't it be a great idea to determine that "THIS YEAR, I will do some CROSS TRAINING and grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man." We do that -- not just by sprinkling a little Jesus on our lives....but all out making Him the Lord of our lives and purposing to surrender our "old" selves to Him, obey Him and His Word, and live with all out gusto of being, not sprinkled, but FLOODED with the Great I AM!!!