Thursday, January 12, 2017

Walking By Faith

As I’ve taken on this year as a great adventure, how appropriate that I would look up on the wall in my “Frisco” bedroom (aka The Guest Room for others that visit the Wallace’s), and see this stencil drawing just above the closet door, and directly across from the comfy and cozy bed. "We walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7.

What perfect words to see, meditate on, and embrace for this new year. There may be situations and circumstances along the way that I see that could be interpreted as obstacles, inconveniences or bumps in the road, but if I take on this scripture as my 2017 slogan, then I’ll always have a sense of knowing that "walking by faith" is a journey of tremendous blessing and reward. It is a journey that may be exciting, and it can even be life-altering and mind-boggling.

Walking by faith and not by sight requires us to go to a place we don't know, but one that God will reveal as we walk in obedience to Him.

Walking by faith means that we continue to cling to the dreams God has planted in our heart, even though it seems those dreams are risky and it's taking a long time for them to come true.

Walking by faith requires a strong determination to follow God’s plan regardless what life throws our way.

Walking by faith means we may have to do some pretty crazy, hairy and scary things. Think about Noah building an ark for a flood when it had never even rained on earth. Think about Abraham clinging to the promise that he would be the father of many nations even though he was childless at the age of 100.

Choosing the "walking by faith" life, means we get out of our comfort zone, are willing to let God take our world and turn it upside down, shake it up, and even start all over again. And, in doing so, we let God out of the neat little box that we have put Him in, and give Him the liberty to show up when He's good and ready -- with his PERFECT timing.

I don’t know where you are on this journey of walking by faith, but I encourage you to take the first step of the walk. That first step is the first step to success. It's a decision we'll never regret because He assures us He’ll be with us to complete what He starts in us.