Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Matters Most is Love

Yesterday, I posted about it being the “The Love Month”, sincerely hoping to awaken our senses to being people that love from the heart this month.

It was like getting a high-5 from God when later in the day, I opened one of my resource books, Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Drive Life”, to the chapter I was about to read next. Imagine the “Atta’ Girl” I sensed when I saw that the title of this chapter was “What Matters Most” is that we "walk in love".

This life we live is truly all about love. Of course it is, because God IS LOVE and the most important lesson He wants us to learn on earth is how to love. To say “I love you” can sound like a cliché if our actions don’t measure up to those words. We say “I love you” in the same sentence that we say “I love chocolate cake” and there are times when it seems the one saying those words loves chocolate cake more than us. We express our love in actions by giving someone a gift as a token of our love, while evaluating the size or cost of the gift based on “What did the gift THEY gave me cost – I don’t want to spend more than what they spent on me?” We say “I love my neighbor” in the same thought as “I wish my neighbor would keep his kids off my lawn”.

Rick Warren says: “Learning to love unselfishly is certainly not an easy task. It runs counter to our self-centered nature. That’s why we’re given a lifetime to learn it. Of course, God wants us to love everyone, but He’s particularly concerned that we learn to love others in His family. Paul wrote: “When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. But we should give special attention to those who are in the family of believers.” Galatians 6:10.

That’s why it’s so awesome to be in the Family of God. Not because we are a “click” or “club unto ourselves”. It’s because we resemble our Father. We act like Him. We talk like Him. We walk like Him. We forgive like Him. We LOVE like Him. That’s why our character, being in His likeness, should speak volumes over those who are outside the Family of God.

Back to Rick Warren’s words “Why does God insist that we give special love and attention to other believers? Why do they get priority in loving? Because God wants his family to be known for its love more than anything else. Jesus said our love for each other – not our doctrinal beliefs – is our greatest witness to the world. He said, “Your strong love for each other will PROVE TO THE WORLD that you are my disciples.” John 13:35.

Yesterday, my post encouraged us to reach out with love during this love month and beyond. Love isn’t learned from hiding out. We must be around people, even those cranky, grumpy and even frustrating people around us, because God's LIGHT of LOVE in us is what the world needs NOW.

Life really is all about love. It matters most. It takes top priority. So, let’s be LOVE show-offs and go spread some of the love today!!