Thursday, March 9, 2017

Low Profile, Low Pressure, High Impact

Those were my husband's life statement words that were full of wisdom. He realized the pressure that can come from those high profile individuals who expose themselves to public opinion and scrutiny. Though he spoke publicly to many various audiences in business and ministry, he was most pleased to nudge others to the places of prominence and limelight.

As you can see from the comments and photos we've made over the last few days about our family trip to Disney World, it seems we lean toward the "high profile" mentality. In reality, we do desire to have a high impact on this generation, their families and the lives they live. That's why I continually post so much about the joys of making memories, living in the moments, celebrating family and friends' victories and living life with gusto.

I realize there are those who prefer a low profile, who run from the idea of being on social media at all, and they stay quite comfortable in their quiet, untouchable world. And if that is their bent, then I say "different strokes for different folks". But, sharing a zest for life and all that comes with it -- the lessons we learn from the ups and downs and those we learn from the tough times and the triumphant times -- and still realize the blessings of God in the midst of it all, shows others that this life is worth living and celebrating. It's about the abundant life Christ came to give us -- not that we have to go anywhere other than our back yard, or to our children's sports games or is embracing them and their lives the best we can.

Yesterday, we hung out at Hollywood Studios, and there is no doubt, it was the favorite so far because Payton and Alexia's fondness for anything "Star Wars" was richly fed. No sooner than we walked through the gates that the Storm Troopers led by Captain Phasma marched down the street. Getting photos with Chewbacca and so many other Star Wars and other Disney characters made their day. In fact, we're going back there tomorrow -- they just didn't get enough!

It was a day packed with thrills, chills and literal ups and downs in the Rockin' Roller Coaster, Star Tours - The Adventure Continues and when the family headed back to trade more items with the Jawas, collect more pins and take it all in again, I found my sweet spot on a park bench. There's something to be said for being a "people watcher". As I sat there enjoying this gorgeous day (the weather has been fabulous), the Storm Troopers were headed down the street again and the crowds gathered for their look-see at those Star Wars favorites. I was amazed at the varieties of people there -- every shape and size, every nationality and cultural background and every age -- big and small. Everyone seemed to be in their own zone. I watched families having their pictures taken as they celebrated their moments. I saw physically challenged people being pushed in wheel chairs while others rode their electronic scooters and children being pushed in strollers -- each, in their own way -- embracing life and giving it their best shot!

Will those little ones remember this day? Probably not. Ten years passed since Alexia and Payton were here and they remembered very little, but it didn't matter because we remembered. It's really not about Disney or any other park -- it's taking time to give quality time to those we love and make memories and share time together like this could be the last time together. With Papa, it was, but I assure you he was with us throughout this trip. More times than I can count, we said, "I'm thinking about Papa!" I'm so thankful my husband and I made a big deal about celebrations. Our two children never saw Disney until they took their kids there. But, we sure spent a lot of time at Six Flags Over Texas -- back in the day. In fact, we're already talking about making some new memories there very soon. And you better believe, we'll be talking there about that man who really was HIGH profile and HIGH impact to us.