Sunday, April 30, 2017

A Lion, A Bear, A Big Dude = Promotion

A couple of days ago, I shared about young David and his ability to withstand the taunts and threats of the giant, but all it took was confidence and knowing who he was as God's representative (That giant was messing with the wrong guy!), and he took down that giant in one fell swoop! That seemed to be his crowning moment, even though it wasn't his first encounter with the enemy.

I want to add a little P.S. to that post today. David DID win that epic battle with Goliath, but God had prepared him in the trenches, in the “small” things. We might say, it wasn't an overnight success story. David was faithful to fulfill his responsibilities while simply tending to his sheep -- certainly a menial task -- not star quality opportunities. But, David did anything God asked him to do. When he faced the lion and the bear, he didn’t cower in fear. He knew that God had called him to the sheep, and that God would be faithful to give him the victory. That's why his faith grew as he destroyed the lion and the bear. So when the BIG DUDE came along, David already knew HIS God would defeat that giant as well.

Moral of this story: "Be faithful in the little things (those seemingly insignificant responsibilities and jobs -- like David did as a shepherd boy), then God will make you ruler of much (PROMOTE YOU!)." Luke 16:10. David eventually became King David of Israel. How's that for promotion?

And, like David, the sheep we protect, lead and guide (you know.....those everyday duties and responsibilities); each lion and bear we slay (everyday issues, challenges and circumstances); and each giant we take down.....are ALL a part of God's Master Plan that leads us to our destiny and purpose! He's preparing us right now and fully equipping us to be the most epic GIANT SLAYER ever! So, BIG DUDE, move out of our way! We've got your number and you're going DOWN....and WE'RE MOVING ON UP!